It’s been 40 years and the doctors admitted that butter is useful and not dangerous for your health!

It was a misguided conclusions.

Минуло 40 років - і лікарі визнали: вершкове масло корисно, а не небезпечно для здоров&#039я!

Since 1950-ies, doctors around the world claim that eating large amounts of saturated fat bad for your heart. For decades we heard the same mantra: “replace butter with vegetable”, reports Rus.Media.

This seemed logical. In the end, saturated fats raise cholesterol, and cholesterol is a precursor to heart ailments. Why not assume that the abuse of butter — a direct path to a heart attack, and not replace it with soy, corn or sunflower?

But now a group of American scientists found that because of the “logic” of this assumption, all of it contradictory data have been ignored. They revised the original study 40 years ago, analyzed the data and came to a shocking conclusion: the results of the study testified to the fact that the rejection of butter in favor of vegetable, on the contrary, increases the risk of dying from a heart attack!

Stumbling block — a large study conducted in Minnesota from 1968 to 1973 involving 9423 patients that have been observed for many years. Some of them were replaced in the diet butter vegetable, while others have kept the old habits.

Although this study was the largest in its field, collected data were not properly analyzed and published. But they are not lost: all the materials collecting dust in the basement of Ivan Frantz, Jr., researcher from the University of Minnesota, who died in 2009.

A few years ago, Christopher Ramsden, a scientist from the National Institute of health (a leading health research Institute in USA), I learned about these materials and set out to get them. He found his son Franz, who handed him a dusty drawer.

And so many months of analysis have led to unexpected results. According to the study, the abandonment of butter in favor of vegetable do leads to a decrease in level of cholesterol on the average on 14%.

But lowering cholesterol does not correlate with reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease!

On the contrary, in the group whose members prefer soybean, corn and sunflower oil, the risk of dying from heart disease was higher by 15%.

Of course, Ramsden and his team came under a barrage of criticism from scientists who questioned the validity of Minnesota research, in the end, the consensus still remains the same. But in fact, these findings are not so strange.

First, it has long been known that the relationship between nutrition, cholesterol, metabolism and cardiovascular diseases are much more complicated primitive cause-and-effect diagram sample 1950-R. second, there is a lot of doubt as to the Skoda butter, and use vegetable.

The concern is primarily linoleic acid, which in large quantities contained in various vegetable oils and refers to a number of omega-6. The fact that the human body needs balance between the oils omega-3 (found in fish, nuts and seeds) and omega-6. Excess omega-6 in the diet causes inflammation as a risk factor for several diseases, including cardiovascular.

Vegetable oils with low content of linoleic acid, such as olive, coconut, are safe.

Nobody really knows why these data were not made public in the 1970s, but apparently scientists were afraid to go against the prevailing consensus. The study was conducted by order of the American government, which expect very specific results. The scientists themselves were part of the scientific establishment; perhaps seeing evidence contrary to their own beliefs, they chose to question the data.

Worse than that, since vegetable oil consumption has increased, mainly due to catering, where it is used in potato dishes, desserts, pizzas, salads… Meanwhile, indicators of cardiovascular health in the West deteriorated.

This story illustrates well the limitations of scientific knowledge. Always keep in mind that many scientific truths are temporary, that all statements should from time to time to question and recheck.

Don’t forget about it and smear butter on our bread!

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