It’s best to refuel — Ukrainian gas stations again rewrite the labels

Ukrainian tankers once again rewrite their fuel price tags. On Friday, a number of stations raised the cost of a liter of gasoline A-95 from 30-70 cents. A little less, but almost immediately on all branded gas stations has risen in price gas. On WOG, OKKO, Socar, youth Union and Severodonetsk network Avtoport the cost of a liter of blue fuel rose for the day at 24-30 cents. 20 cents gas went up in networks of Shell, Amic and Parallel. A little less, but also lifted the price tags and other fillings.

Лучше заправиться — украинские АЗС снова переписывают ценники

Thus, according to the Consulting group “A-95” average cost “fifth” gasoline today is made up 31.23 UAH/liter, and LPG 14,55 UAH/liter.

The most expensive gasoline A-95 to implement in networks WOG, OKKO, Socar, and, for 33,49 UAH/l. Here also fixed and maximum prices for diesel of 30.99 UAH/liter. the Petrol is more expensive just to drivers will cost Socar — 15,29 UAH/liter.

But if the cost of gasoline is mainly due to the depreciation of the hryvnia, with the LPG, the situation is somewhat more complicated. According to experts, the main reason for the jump in the cost of LPG is the growth of world quotations of ARGUS (used to calculate the contract value of the goods including oil).

“Average quotes for DAF Ukraine, which is tied to the supply of LPG from Kazakhstan increased from September 5 at $25/t to $577,5/t And the quotation DAF Brest, which is tied to the supply of LPG from Belarus and Russia, rose to $30,5/t to $599,0/t In terms of the price at the gas station it is plus 48 to 50 kopecks./l. However, for gas we enter the low season, when prices usually fall. But there is one strange factor. Today about 40% of imports is re — exported Russian gas from Belarus. Russia is seriously engaged in the closure of this channel, as in the framework of the Customs Union duty the Treasury receives Belarusian, not Russian. This can lead to serious shortages of imported gas and, as a consequence, price growth in Ukraine”, — said the oil market expert, member of the Supervisory Board “Integrum ventures” Alexander Kirimov.

Anyway, he said that further devaluation of the hryvnia will only accelerate the appreciation of all types of energy.