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Valérie Pécresse and Eric Ciotti, during the Republicans' presidential debate. – ISA HARSIN/SIPA

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Eric Ciotti face & agrave; Val & eacute; rie P & eacute; cresse, the duel of the second round of the LR congress

It's a surprise finale. Eric Ciotti has arrived; early (25.59%) of the LR primary, Thursday, and qualifies for the second round. & nbsp; The deputy & nbsp; of the Alpes-Maritimes will be opposed & oacute; & agrave; Val & eacute; rie P & eacute; cresse. Long favored in the poll, Michel Barnier (23.96%) and Xavier Bertrand (22.36%) pass & agrave; the hatch. Eric Ciotti is far from having won the game. In the wake of the results, Philippe Juvin, Michel Barnier and Xavier Bertrand contributed their support & agrave; Val & eacute; rie P & eacute; cresse. & ldquo; This result confirms the credibility of his project, of his seriousness. She is the one who has the most capacity. & agrave; bring together the right and the center-right. And therefore to bring the Republican right back to power, boasts Eric Pauget, deputy des Alpes-Maritimes and support of the candidate. Verdict on Saturday afternoon.

A policeman hurt & agrave; Saint-Martin, the extended curfew & oacute; in Guadeloupe and Martinique

After the lull, the situation becomes tense; new. A policeman was & eacute; hurt Thursday & agrave; Saint-Martin in the context of the violence and roadblocks which have blocked the West Indies for two weeks, and which resulted in it; during the day the extension of the curfew in Guadeloupe and Martinique. In Guadeloupe, the priest Alexandre Rochatte has decided & ldquo; & ldquo; the extension of the curfew & rdquo; & rdquo; between 6 p.m. & nbsp; and 5 a.m. & ldquo; & nbsp; until December 7 & nbsp; & nbsp; & raquo;, in 21 municipalities, including Pointe- & agrave; -Pitre. A similar decision to extend the curfew has been made. taken in Martinique, but until December 4 & nbsp; 5 hours. In this island, the gendarmerie has launched; Thursday a major operation to dismantle all traffic jams at roundabouts.

Didier Raoult will he be radiated. by l & rsquo; Ordre des m & eacute; decins & nbsp ;?

Did Professor Didier Raoult violate the code of medical ontology by promoting the & rsquo; hydroxychloroquine & nbspid & nbsp; 19 ? The disciplinary chamber of the Order of Doctors renders its decision this Friday. Bordeaux, which can go as far as & agrave; the radiation. Since the end of 2020, the 69-year-old Marseille infectious disease specialist, whose days remain at & agrave; the head of the IHU are counted, is targeted; by two complaints filed by the Ordre des m & eacute; des M & eacute; Bouches-du-Rh & ocirc ;ne and the national council of the Ordre des m & eacute; m & eacute; m & eacute; m & eacute; m & eacute; m & eacute;