It’s confirmed, Apple is abandoning the Intel chips to use hers

C’est confirmé, Apple abandonne les puces Intel pour utiliser les siennes

Today, at the conference WWDC online, without an audience, Apple confirms what many thought, namely, that the giant apple will use now its own microprocessors for its computers, iMac and MacBook Pro instead of the Intel Core series i5, i7, i9.

What we didn’t know was the terms of this transition, which requires to recompile all the software.

To this end, the CEO Tim Cook has indicated that several large publishers such as Microsoft and Adobe to develop their software based on the new chips Apple-type ARM, namely, a chip-system (SoC or system on chip) in which the integrated circuit contains all the components necessary to the implementation of the functions of a system.

Rosetta 2

For software written for the Intel chips, they will be able during the transition, turn on the new Mac computers with ARM chips using the emulator Rosetta 2. To prove its effectiveness and its fluidity, a demonstration was carried out with the game The Shadow of The Tomb Raider.

According to Craig Federighi, head of software at Apple, the developers should be able to quickly transfer their applications on the new hardware, using the software Xcode from Apple.

This change should dramatically improve the performance and battery life of desktop and laptop computers from Apple and, according to CEO Tim Cook, will enable the company to better develop the future capabilities of its computer products.

With Intel since 2006… and for a few years yet

If you are using Mac systems for a long time, you remember, without doubt, the transition in 2006 of the chips, the Power PC to Intel.

The challenge for Apple will be to ensure that its new ARM chips can provide the same power as those of Intel, even exceed them. The ARM chips are ideal for mobile devices because of their impressive energy efficiency, which allows smartphones and tablets to operate for hours without needing to be recharged.

Of course, the support for Apple Intel-based computers will continue for several years with software updates and security of the macOS system.

According to Mr. Cook, Apple will launch its new range of Mac and iMac running on its own hardware over the course of the coming year. The company still holds a few new systems based on Intel processors in the reserve, but according to Mr. Cook, the transition to its new chips will be complete in the next two years.

As this abandonment of Intel chips by Apple had been approached by the markets, the action of Intel did not flinch today in the Stock market, the odds INTC finished the day at 60,09 US $(+0,79 %).

Apple has earned $ 9.15 a, to 358,87 US $(+2,62 %). August 2, 2018, while the title was 207,39 $, Apple became the first public company to be worth 1000 billion in market capitalization. Less than two years later, she is 1555 billion $.

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