“It’s going to be the brothel” by 1 July in the mini-warehouses in Quebec city

«Ça va être le bordel» d’ici le 1er juillet dans les mini-entrepôts à Québec

Citizens who find themselves between two chairs, without logis by July 1, because of the delays in the construction sector, are likely to have a lot of difficulty to find a place to store their goods.

Despite the recovery of the building to residential, as of Monday, the backlog will prevent the contractors to deliver on time all the units promised to their customers.

The companies of storage of the region of Quebec, joined by The Journal in the last days, have already almost all full for the months of may, June and July. The tradition in quebec moves on July 1, is largely responsible for this shortage of available space, the cyclical and recurring each year during the same period.

“It is always full during these two, three months there. It’s going to be the brothel for the storage and relocations in the coming months, it is sure and certain because there will be a domino effect “, stresses Benoît Breton, owner of Warehouse Logik in Quebec city. Its 350 spaces of different sizes are already all rented out.

“I expect to be full of changes of dates. People are going to want to extend their lease, but there will be nothing available for them. If someone has planned to leave his warehouse on 15 June, for example, tell you that we have already re-booked for this box-there for the 16 June. Do you understand ? It is there that he’s going to be the big shit. We will manage it day-to-day and we will try to help our clients the most we can “, he adds.

Waiting lists everywhere

The owner of Québecentrepôt.com on the South Shore, Dany Lemay, invites people to find plans B and C more quickly. “Before the COVID-19 arrived, there was already not enough of mini-warehouses on the market, and then there it is even worse ; the world is garroche on us in panic. They tell us : “Praise us no matter what, no matter where because our contractor we will deliver it to our house as planned” “.

“The phone rings at least ten times a day for it and then I refer them to my competitors that are already full and have waiting lists for them, too.”

30 days free at U-Haul

The company U-Haul recently announced that it would offer 30 free days of free storage to anyone who was a victim of delays in residential construction. This offer is obviously ” subject to availability “.

The company’s Mini-Warehouses, Quebec city, and Lévis, said to have built the vacant premises as a place of temporary storage to the contractors who will themselves to relocate their clients, but it will not deal with individuals.

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