It’s going to do!

Ça va faire!

Since the beginning of the confinement, how many times have you consumed the free content ? A stand-up comedian that made his jokes… without being paid ? Musicians who play… without a cenne ?

Have you thought that these artists, who have lost their sources of income, we make life at the very moment when they burst from hunger ? And that during this time, the “giants of the tech” fill their own pockets ? Have you thought also to the traditional media, who see go up in smoke sources of advertising revenues, which is goinfrent the GAFA of this world ?

I want to run, instead of ” It’s going to go well “, a resounding : “It’s going to do ! “

Deprived Of OXYGEN

You have read what was said by the musician Jean-Michel Jarre ? “It should be a fair compensation by the GAFA, these giants of the digital make the butter on the back of the virus and have never earned money. Otherwise, in 2021, is 50 % of cultural players who are going to disappear in the world “.

For me, this anticipation, this is a scenario from a horror movie.

In addition, at the same time, the Stock market, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon fill their own pockets…

At the end of the week, the editors of the major newspapers in quebec and canada (including The Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec) have sent an urgent message to the government of Canada that the GAFA ” pay their fair share “.

It is very rare that the publishers of The Press, of the Journal, the Devoir, the Globe and Mail and other join forces. This is because the hour is serious.

As they wrote, a same voice, Google and Facebook have to pay in any way content protected by copyright, and share the advertising revenues and the resulting data “.

It is as if the cultural world and the media world were sinking after it hit a nasty iceberg named ” Coronavirus “, but that the GAFA is that the juices were sweet on their rescue boat… paid for with our money ! There are still limits to make fun of people.

The festivals are being cancelled one after the other, you can’t go to the theatre, to go see a dance show, go to the cinema. And during this time, one consumes the online culture. It thrives in the GAFA.

It is for this reason that UNESCO has launched the movement Résiliart, including Jean-Michel Jarre is the spokesperson.

“The simple idea of Résiliart, it is to encourage each country to have such discussions (on the GAFA) and to bring the issues to the public scene. We will need art more than ever as a means of resilience to be able to find them. “

My favorite quote in this record comes from the singer Angélique Kidjo : “The day that the GAFA will be ready to get up in the morning, go to work, and you do not receive a cheque at the end, I will be able to say yes to free content. “


Canada must follow suit to Australia and to France and ensure that Google and Facebook pay their fair share. It’s just… a matter of fairness.

For our artists and for our media.

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