“It’s going to eat well with Hugo!”: cooking live with chef Hugo Saint-Jacques

«Ça va bien manger avec Hugo!»: cuisinez en direct avec le chef Hugo Saint-Jacques

A new appointment in culinary offered on the web allows all lovers of good food to fill their recipe book in these times of confinement.

The time of the show, “It’s going to eat well with Hugo!” the leader of the Dock619 Hugo Saint-Jacques decided to open the doors of his kitchen every Tuesday and Thursday at 17 h, live. He wishes to allow people to maximize the ingredients they have at home.

“The goal is to use what you have at home, he said during the first minutes of his first record, Thursday. So we tried to use the least amount of ingredients possible, work with business lying around even in the freezer, not once.”

For his first appointment- it is now possible to review -Hugo Saint-Jacques has put together a menu for Easter more appealing: apple pie, tomato confit, and caramelized onions with feta cheese, thyme and basil, and a chocolate surprise blueberry northern. In addition, it has jazzed up its an impromptu brunch, decorating eggs with dye house.

Tasty recipes, Hugo St-Jacques still has plenty on her apron. In addition to its forthcoming proposals on direct, he will unveil several on the set of “Station Potluck”, a new culinary magazine expected to Zest the 30 April to 21 h. Each Thursday, he will share the front of the cameras with Stefano Faita, Émilie Fournier and a guest.

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