It’s important to do before the New year, with just five points

Что важно сделать до Нового года: всего пять пунктов

To buy gifts, to get rid of trash and say thank you. Before the New year less than a month, and plans are a dime a dozen. Five things you must do to the approach of the holiday was special.

Singer Marta Adamchuk is already making plans for next year. Set new goals – the holiday tradition of the artist.

But if all objectives are to implement and did not work, you can move them next year, or completely reject them.

“You can redefine a new unit of time your goals that you’ve set for ourselves a year ago, and see what they at the moment are not relevant. So there’s no point in wasting time and energy. Just wiping them, take a firm decision that I don’t need it, and direct attention to what is relevant and important in your life,” – says Yulia Boyko, business coach on time management.

In the new 2020 should go without much, says psychologist Bogdan Volgar.

“If a person was a very hard year, that is a very cool idea to take and dispose of trash. Especially those things that remind you of any negative memories. It’s a ritual of purification. This is a very cool thing. In addition, our focus is not rubber, so it’s important for myself to get rid of this attention is all that depresses you,” says the psychologist Bogdan Volgar.

Что важно сделать до Нового года: всего пять пунктов

Not only rubbish, but no debt should meet in 2020.

“Debt suggests that the person is not able to control the energies of life, not distribute them. So you need to reconsider your attitude. Try to pay off debts and close the question in order ctob the New year to start living a new way with this new awareness,” says the astrologist Albina Ponomarenko.

And the most pleasant new year chores to buy gifts for family and friends, and remember to thank 2019 for all events and meetings.

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