It’s only the beginning: how to achieve success after 35 years (and as far as practicable)

Все только начинается: как добиться успеха после 35 лет (и насколько это реально) 

Many wonder: “is There a chance to change your life for the better, when you’re 30 (or even 35) years” and in the end, after a long hesitation, decide that it is better to leave it as is, so as not to inadvertently make things worse.But, alas, thus, they only aggravate the situation, because unrealized ambitions, and the realization that could achieve more but something went wrong, only cause apathy and depression.Experts say that all this can be avoided if in time to realize that change is not so terrible, if they are properly prepared. About how to change its vector of development and achieve success after a certain age — in the material Passion.EN.You may, in principle, everything you have achieved certain heights, you have a decent salary (but you have reached a ceiling in financial terms, and in professional development). And here you begin to think, not whether to use their knowledge and experience in other areas? Do not switch to another activity, perhaps even significantly different from the one where you developed earlier.C on the one hand your desire is understandable and justified — you have reached a certain level of development and payment, and understand that above a head you will not jump.But you are afraid to start something new, because in fact have to “move” in the financial plan (agree, few companies are willing to take the employee on a paying job, knowing that through much time before he grows up to be a professional). And here is the reality collides with expectation, bringing you back down to earth. Although experts, for example, advised not to panic ahead of time and not to give up, and to approach this matter thoroughly (after weighing all the “pros” and “cons” at least).To have not only the desire but also uporstvom regret, to change your life, one desire is not enough — you also need tenacity and the willingness to those or other difficulties (which will be in the beginning). But as you know, the difficulties only harden you and help to optimize the process to achieve what you actually seek.So do not despair or turn back with the words “I knew that nothing would come of it,” and try to change the methods and approach to the end result not only met, but surpassed them.Don’t be afraid to get out of the zone comfortableits to abandon the established habits, pattern of thinking and predictable pattern of behavior. So you will not be able to change your life for the better and will only continue to be content with what you already have at the moment.Just accept as a given the fact that in the way of your changes, inevitably you will have to expect mistakes and failures, but instead to give up and surrender, you must leave your comfort zone and prove to yourself first and foremost that you can cope with any difficulties and to turn it to their favor.Besides, psychologists are reminded that the longer you stay in the comfort zone, the faster you “utopiate in the swamp”, stop developing and start to deteriorate.To get rid of this stagnation, just regularly make yourself some shake-up (sign up for new courses, change jobs, go alone to explore another country, do what has long dreamed of in the end).Take a chance and realize their practicly you feel that you became close and you have matured to something more global, then why don’t you take a chance and open your own business?Let this be the first small (but promising) start-up, which, with the right approach and management, can grow into something big, into something that you’ve always wanted to do, but postponed due to certain reasons.Think, perhaps you have a hobby, which you want to monetize or which has already become something more than just a hobby, perhaps it will be the beginning of your own business, which will bring you good profit and recognition.To challenge conventional wisdom and offer innovative reshenija saying successful people “If you want to live not as before, then stop doing that and usually try something new”. And indeed it is. After all, until you try something (even too creative), you won’t know it works or not (will bring you success, fame and money or will remain at the level of bold ideas).And instead of going for the easiest way before you had already made other brave souls, learn to propose (and defend) custom solution and then quickly gets the desired result.To be able to concentrate on your goal and control your harmful prevaccinated that by a certain age, each person accumulates one or another Luggage from the experience and habits (including negative).Experts remind that if you really want to change your life for the better and are determined to achieve success, you need to get rid of bad habits (many of which may have already escalated into addiction) and never “sprayed” on a lot of Hobbies (which in itself takes a great amount of strength and energy) and focus on one main project, successful completion of which ultimately will lead you to the desired result.To listen to people and learn something nuomuojame many professionals, trying to occupy a new niche and to change the scope of activities, are not ready for that moment, that for some time they have to spend for the posts of assistant (or Intern) to listen carefully to what others say and accept the fact that someone is might know more about them.They really have to learn the basics if they want to achieve certain heights, not to interrupt the coach in the middle of his indignant “I’d never do…” or “you’re wrong, then you need to act that way…”.If you’re willing to change, you may be able to harmonise your old experience and new knowledge to achieve their goals.

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