Itsuno predstavlen flagman Google I Pixel 4 Pixel 4 XL

Офіційно представлені флагмани Google Pixel 4 і Pixel 4 XL

Axis I nastaw the Samy moment yakogo lubitel photos on smartphone sure it chakali, that scho lcen guilini back in the USA Buli oftin predstavlen tak Moblin prestre, Yak Google Pixel 4 Pixel 4 I XL. Novelties much varanytsia from their poperednica for skupnosti kinniku, pochinayuchi from Cameri osnovno I sanci wkra zivim towns the estimation of the housing, that Vigano versets on TL kitaiskih models. Moreover, I TSE sche not all, Chim Prime Redoute Dan Moblin bristro top rune, Onsen for ostanni word techni. The stench mozhut pohvaliti great clcct of osoblivosti, soustrot that in products NSIH brands at a time not possible, at least vdras in one attach.

Google Pixel 4 facilities a 5.7-dujmovi OLED screen W razdelno statstg pxlw 2340 x 1080 (FHD +), OCTA-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 s clock frequency of 2.84 GHz, 6 GB operative , 64/128 GB memory postino at, padini basic ( 12.2 MP + 16 MP) and 8 MP front cameras, scanner vdbecv policv in Ekran, devel’єmom USB Type-C, accumulator batareyu mnscu 2800 MAG W patrickou technology Shvidko charging Quick Charge 4.0 pateint 18 W, and also the Zahist od VOD I saw with the IPX8 standard. Middle interfejsu can fidelity 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, A-GPS, 4G VoLTE, GLONASS NFC I course.

Офіційно представлені флагмани Google Pixel 4 і Pixel 4 XL

Офіційно представлені флагмани Google Pixel 4 і Pixel 4 XL

Scho States model Google Pixel 4 XL, you won Varanasi tilki blsim a 6.3-dujmovi OLED display s razdelno statstg pxlw 3120 1440 (QHD +), zblizenie razmerami body I pcvideo mcdtu Butare, so the Yak in this mobilnomu bristro vykorystovuyutsia Taka 3700 MAG. Obid novelties sums s technology Bezdrotova charging for the Qi standard. Right “s box” at the time the cob prodaju for new items to viavita vstanovleno operatina system Android 10. Moblin bristro was otrimali display the pid Nassau Smooth Display, that Volod onovleny nformats a frequency of 90 Hz. Ncni mode fotosemka Night Sight in difference flagman working nabagato better, than the models in the 2018 year, although the stench varauta one s best for rinku to CIR PR.

For rakhunok baslc RSNA technology I algoritmu pockepc Google Pixel 4 Pixel 4 I XL mozhut rozregulowany for those scho stink copout sobi smartphone s nekrasow in in the camera, Robit Yak divalign snimki in whether yakih umovah. School one “fsca” CIR models Patrika yestv, zavdyaki chomu it is possible, for example, simply hold your hand over lying on stol telefonu, Yak sldom for Tsim VIN wicona whether Yak du. Vprovadzhennya Taco features viyavilos mozliwym for rakhunok vikoristannya push the scanner individuals, yaky yea papstin analogue Face ID from the Apple iPhone in scho vykorystovuyutsia 11. On pokuptsiv proponuyut choice of three colors, the number yakih potrapila Chorny (Just Black), Bily (Clearly White) I pomaranchevy (Oh So Orange).

Oftin prodag innovations to pacnuts vzhe 24 Zhovtnia, and s ciogodnichnyu day to tak Sirauti papered zamovlennya. Bought zvichayniy “pxel” it is possible for $ 799 at vers 64 GB, then the Yak model 128 GB obidetsya at $ 899. Yogo zbrisana in rosmerah versions costu $ 899 I $ 999) for Versu s 64GB I 128GB wbudowana flash memory at respectively. Nformat about Paavo in Ukraine pokey scho no. As z’yavylasya information about those, scho the company zrobila Google Android 10 obov cases for vsih smartfon.

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