Ivan Andreyevich was awarded the order in the nomination “Singer of winter”

Superblondinka won in the nomination “Singer of winter” by the music channel M1.

Оля Полякова нагороджена орденом в номінації "Співачка зими"

From 2018 music channel M1 will celebrate the achievements of musicians each season. Especially for this M1 has established award – the order of “M1 Music Awards. 4 seasons”. One of the first stars of the Ukrainian show-business, was awarded the prize, was Olya Polyakova. She received the award “Singer of Winter”, avoiding in this nomination Alyosha and NK, reports Rus.Media.

Thus, the collection of prestigious awards of Superblondinka from the channel M1 up. At the end of 2017, the year Superblondinka became the owner of a prestigious music award M1 Music Awards III Element in the nomination “Golden gramophone” (together with “Russkoe Radio Ukraine”) for the song “Number one”. In February, the singer also was recognized as the most beautiful woman of Ukraine according to the magazine “Viva!”.

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