J. K. Rowling, wicked witch

J.K. Rowling, vilaine sorcière

I am sure that very soon, someone on the planet will be throwing tomatoes to have said : “water is wet “.

Since a few days, J. K. Rowling, the woman behind the Harry Potter, is varloper on the public square. His crime ? She has dared to say on Twitter that the women… are women. Even the actor who plays Harry Potter found it to be very ugly to have said that. Misery ! A woman is a woman, yet it is not rocket science !


J. K. Rowling has drawn the ire when she responded with irony and sarcasm to a text mentioning “people who have menstruation” instead of saying ” women “.

“”People who menstruate.” I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben ? Wimpund ? Woomud ? “, she wrote.

What we can translate by : “people who have menstruation. I’m sure there was a word to describe these people. Help me, someone. Of fommes, of wemmes, of fimmes ? “

Just for having written it, she is made treat of ” transphobe “.

To the rescue ! This is not hate or despise transgender people than to recall that only women have menstruation.

But in 2020, say that it is women who have blood dripping between their legs once a month, it is considered offensive for : men become women ; women become men ; cial who do not want to be identified as male or female ; humans who have no rules (who suffer from amenorrhea) ; the human beings who no longer have their rules.

It is not a lot of people potentially offended.

As a woman préménopausée, do you think, seriously, two seconds, I felt insulted by the comments of J. K. Rowling ?

Fortunately, Rowling has not said that there are men who produce sperm, it would have been guillotined.

As she said it with a lot of intelligence : “If sex is not a reality, then there is no attraction to persons of the same sex “.

In fact, if being a woman is a view of the mind, how can you say that you are “for women” ?


While the controversy Rowling was raging on the planet, I stumbled on an info that threw me to the ground.

You remember the beautiful song from Guy Béart dating from 1958 : “there is good in the arms of a person of the opposite sex… That one is in the arms of a person of the sex that you don’t” ?

The actress Emmanuelle Béart out these days an album of covers of songs by his father.

What a horror ! It was “re-written” or “corrected” the song to make a version of politically correct (inclusive and caring) : “That he is in the arms of a person / of the sex Of the kind that we will “.

We can no longer celebrate the love straight back !

I make you another prediction : in 10 years, someone, somewhere, will fix ALL the songs of Jean-Pierre Ferland.

Just think, this guy dares to sing his love… women !

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