Jaden Smith has explained why he likes to wear dresses

Jaden Pinkett-Smith

19-year-old son of will Smith and Jada Pinkett Jaden Smith is always dressed as he wished, and never paid any attention to public opinion. In his wardrobe there are not only extravagant men’s clothes, but also objects of the female wardrobe. A special passion of the young musician and actor feeds to dresses and skirts and do not hesitate to leave them in the light.

For this community it is, of course, often criticized, however, for the Jaden haters is always the answer.

If I want to wear dresses, I’m going to do it, and it will be the beginning of a new wave,

he wrote recently on Twitter.

Smith, Jr., three years ago, even came to the prom of his girlfriend Amandla Stenberg skirt, and the Coachella festival shortly before it appeared in a dress.

You care what other people will think, or you just want a good time? Einstein didn’t care too much about what to wear because he had better things to do. And we like,

he said.

Amandla Stenberg and Jaden Smith

Moreover, two years ago, Smith Jr. starred in a skirt in the advertising campaign of the brand Louis Vuitton together with models Sarah Brannon, Rihanna van Rompuy and Gina Campbell.

Advertising campaign Louis Vuitton

As for the parents of Jaden, they are your opinion not impose son and trying to support.

The most important thing I can give my children is the freedom of expression. We Jada is very serious about ensuring that the children found themselves, and encourage them to do so, because otherwise they just can’t be happy

said will Smith.

Jaden Smith

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