Jagmeet Singh harassed by conspirator on the street

Jagmeet Singh harassed by conspirator on the street

After chasing Radio-Canada journalist Daniel Thibeault through the streets of Ottawa on Thursday, a conspiracy theories supporter attempted on Friday to carry out the “citizen arrest” of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

In a video shared in a Facebook group titled The Canadian Revolution, the individual in question, named Brian Kidder, according to information posted on the page, is seen walking alongside Singh for at least two minutes.

At the end of the video, the man told her that they would “do a dance” the next time they pass each other. In this case, he gave the politician “another chance” to explain himself.

The day before, it was the journalist Daniel Thibeault of Radio-Canada who was chased by the same man to the entrance to the offices of Radio-Canada. By his own admission, however, Mr. Kidder had the wrong person: he was targeting Mario Beaulieu, the member of the Bloc Québécois.

The conspirator tried to grab him by the arm and told him that he was “under arrest”.

Since the start of the pandemic, conspiracy theories of all kinds have taken shape on the internet and have spread like wildfire on social media. The impact of the proliferation of these ideas is gradually being felt on the ground.

The Professional Federation of Journalists of Quebec (FPJQ) published an open letter on July 31 to denounce the intimidation of journalists. The letter was published shortly after shocking images were broadcast showing TVA news reporter Kariane Bourassa being embraced by two individuals in Quebec City during an anti-mask demonstration.

The Facebook group The Canadian Revolution, which brings together more than 33,000 members, is full of conspiratorial publications mixing corruption, pedophilia and abortion.

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