Jaguar is investing $ 18 billion in the development of the EV segment

Компания Jaguar инвестирует 18 млрд долларов в развитие сегмента EV

Representatives of the largest automaker in the UK Jaguar Land Rover noted a decline in demand for diesel and petrol cars and think electric cars are the future.

The first thing to speak British manufacturer is investment.

In particular we are talking about enormous investments in the amount of 18 billion dollars in the next three years will be focused on new products and promotion of innovative technologies.

Despite the fact that while the range of electric car company from Coventry a few, Jaguar hard working on it.

Already presented the first production car i Race, which is highly appreciated by the international experts and in addition will have his team and a special racing series I Jaguar-Pace eTrophy to participate in Formula E.

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