“Jake Evans is ahead of the other”, according to Alex Burrows

«Jake Evans est en avance sur les autres», selon Alex Burrows

A player is especially notable of the lot in Laval according to Alex Burrows: Jake Evans.

“The player that impresses me the most is Jake Evans. It is ahead of the other,” said the assistant coach of the Rocket, in the interview with the issuance of the end of the evening, TVA Sports, Dave Morissette en directon Wednesday.

Burrows is full of praise for the striker 23 years.

“Nobody talked about him because he’s a seventh round who has spent four years at the University of Notre Dame. He is so smart. He doesn’t cheat. It may be involved in both directions of the arena. It has a good finish and a lot of speed.

“It is he who has the most chance of playing with the Montreal canadiens when the season will start again or the next year. Claude Julien will be able to trust him in all situations,” said the former striker of the Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators.

Dazzled by “KK”

During the interview, Burrows also complimented Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Cale Fleury and Cayden Primeau.

He very much appreciated the attitude of “KK” after his dismissal in the american League.

“Jesperi has been excellent with us from day 1. He had the right attitude, he came up with the Rocket to work. This is what he has done from the beginning to the end.

“It must not be forgotten that he was only 19 years old. It will take some time before you have a finished product that will dominate night after night in the national League, but he is on the right track.

“I’ve liked what I’ve seen of him in Laval. It has been amazing. He was doing things in training that he was the only one to be able to do.”

About Fleury, Burrows believes that “it is only a matter of time before it is established in the NHL and he becomes a defender top 4”.

For Primeau, he is convinced that”it has the “package” to have long term success in the NHL”.

About Burrows are music to the ears of supporters of the Canadian, but only the future will tell us…

“I knew him by heart!”

In addition, on the personal level, Burrows recalls memories of his youth this week, then that is submitted to TVA Sports, the Stanley Cup final of 1993 between the Canadian and the Los Angeles Kings.

At the time, he was only 12 years old. But he remembers it as if it was yesterday.

“My parents recorded the game on VHS tapes. I listened to the first period and after I went to sleep because I had school the next day. I watched the rest of the match, accelerated by having lunch, like that I could talk about at school with my friends.”

“I remember receiving a VHS tape of the 1992-1993 nba season in the Canada. I’ve looked at often the “tape”! I knew him by heart!”

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