Jake Evans is very indebted to Joel Bouchard

Jake Evans est très redevable envers Joël Bouchard

The first not Jake Evans in the national hockey League (NHL) may have ended abruptly, but the attacker of the Montreal canadiens knows that he has reached this level, thanks to the precious advice of Joel Bouchard.

Meet the player of 23 years with the coach in the Rocket de Laval has been so significant that he believes it has changed the course of his career.

“He really had a big impact on my career during last few years. It has made me reach new levels and helping me to reach my goals. I don’t think I would be here without him,” revealed Evans during an interview with TSN, Sunday.

Ontario is said to have discussed more with Bouchard that with Claude Julien, the coach of the CH, during the period of containment. It is also sad that the rest of the season the american League has been cancelled, then the Rocket showed nice things towards the end.

“It is a shame, especially for the group of which I was part, he mentioned. Laval were really starting to play well and the team was starting to find its identity. It is sad, but this is a time where everyone must make sacrifices.”

The strength of the experience

After a successful stint in the academic networks of american and two seasons productive with the Rocket, Evans believes that it has achieved a significant milestone by playing its first 13 games in the circuit Bettman. He also took the opportunity to harvest two goals and one assist.

“I want to continue to gain experience playing matches. I have experience of several levels, and I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable. It helps my confidence. I believe that I have what it takes to play in this league and be a solid player,” said the choice of the seventh round of the draft in 2014.

Even if he has more to prove his worth in triple-defensive with the big club, Evans wishes to recall that it also has the offensive talent, as evidenced by its seasons of 45 points (67 parts) and 38 points (in 51 meetings) in the LAH.

“I don’t want to limit myself to a certain role. I believe that one of the strengths of my game is my work in defence, but I also like to contribute offensively. When you started in the league, it is often on the last two trios. I don’t want to give me a limit and I want to continue to progress,” wisely said Evans.

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