Jamel Sandjak elected for a third term

    Jamel Sandjak elected for a third term

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    There were three lists for this election in the Ligue de Paris Île-de-France. Three lists led by the outgoing Jamel Sandjak, elected since 2012, the former president of the District of Val de Marne Thierry Mercier (already beaten in 2016) and the young entrepreneur Éric Aderdor, former president of FC Mantois (N3). A triangular that could have put President Sandjak in difficulty with the objective for his opponents to bring him to a second round.

    But Jamel Sandjak was finally elected in the first round with 53.68% of the vote against 25.18% for Thierry Mercier and 21.14% for Eric Aderdor. “I will continue to be the president of all Ile-de-France clubs. I’m here to build, to build with you,” concluded the president reelected at the head of the league.

    Sandjak on a list for the presidency of the FFF?

    Jamel Sandjak also mentioned the next elections for the presidency of the FFF (March 13) and in particular the weight that the Ile-de-France league will weigh with 7% of the vote (amateur and professional football included). His name is often cited to be featured on a future list.

    To date, only Frédéric Thiriez has applied, without mentioning the constitution of his list. While waiting to know the position of Noël Le Graët or the possible candidacy of Michel Moulin.

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