James Gunn has seen Thor : Ragnarok, and we entrust his feelings (rather extreme I must say)






It is far from the tragedy, Shakespearean in the first Thor… Ragnarok or when Hamlet encounters The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Mine of nothing, if success both critically and audience for Thor : Ragnarok there, Marvel and Taika Waititi can thank James Gunn. If the latter clearly has nothing invented with The Guardians of the Galaxy, it has perfectly managed to juggle between atmosphere delightfully retro – based neon-vintage and modern in its execution is rhythmic and effective in us to create a family like no other. A new artistic direction, therefore, should be put in place in the stable of super snowmen in latex.



If the first returns of the film are clearly positive, they are to be taken with a grain of salt as most are found not to be indicative of the quality of the film. So far, after having seen the film, James Gunn does not hide his enthusiasm, going so far as to say that it is the funniest of the MCU :

‘I don’t think that a filmmaker of the modern era has not so much captured the insanity of the eighties to the movie Flash Gordon (as Taika Waititi. I had the feeling of being fourteen years old again with a VHS in his hands. It is the film the most colorful of Marvel, I mean The Guardians 2, it is the sepia side. It is also the funniest of the MCU.”


Loki tape your ass to the ground…


According to him, the supporting roles are not left out, starting Jeff Goldblum, many still doubt his ability to be able to take on the appearance of the Grand Master, especially when you see the costume :

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“I was sitting with the Jons (Favreau and Watts), and Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck of Captain Marvel, and I crevais of laughter with each appearance of Jeff Goldblum. I can say that the Grand Master is my new favorite character !”

Such praise may obviously seem suspicious, but honestly, it is hoped that the shift towards more fun and uninhibited will most convince us that the first two opus, which is played quite pretentious in the background as in the form.

Output of Ragrarok the 25th of October next.