Jamie Drysdale, the next in the lineage

Jamie Drysdale, le prochain de la lignée

Quinn Hughes and Cale Makar have made a big splash in the NHL this season and are currently competing for the Calder trophy, awarded to the best rookie in the circuit Bettman. Notice to all : another young defender could have a similar impact to that of Hughes and Makar, and this, in a strong future together.

The defender of the Otters from Erie, in the junior League Ontario, Jamie Drysdale has everything a defender ” new genre “. It is not the biggest (5 ‘ 11 ” and 170 lbs), but his skating is fluid and his sense of hockey to allow it to be a constant threat in attack. “I think we can see some aspects of the game Quinn Hughes and Cale Makar in his game, assured his coach at Erie Chris Hartsburg during a phone interview. It is able to run games at a very high speed as Makar, and has an intelligence of hockey that allows him to complete passes at a high risk as does Hughes. It is perhaps not as dynamic as the two, but it will produce in the NHL thanks to his reading of the game, his ability to control the puck and his attention to small details. In addition, it is very good in defensive. “

It is considered the best defender available for the next NHL draft, and the Central recruitment of the circuit ranks third among skaters in north america, just behind the attackers Alexis Lafrenière and Quinton Byfield.


If the recruiters of the NHL the following already for a long time, hockey fans were able to discover the talent of the young Drysdale at the last world Championship of junior hockey in the Czech Republic.

Used as the seventh defender for the majority of the tournament, however, he had a golden opportunity to show off more during the semi final match when he took the place of Bowen Byram, ill.

And it would not have really been able to capture it the best way, scoring a goal and ending the meeting with a differential of +1. The 20 min 28 s spent on the ice during the game were the second-highest total among canadian players behind Jacob Bernard Docker (20 min 42 s).

“It has been a bit of a shock for me to find myself in this position so quickly, but it was a great experience. I tried to enjoy it the most possible and I think that I am not so badly drawn “, has launched the defender right-handed with humility, in the interview with The Journal.


Coach Hartsburg was the least surprised in the world to see the benefit of his protege.

“Jamie is not the kind of player who let themselves disturb by anything. He knows what it is and adapts to any role. Last year, at age 16, he was our player used the most. It has been a tough season and we felt the fatigue in his game at the end. I don’t know if he had the confidence to be the man to do everything. This year, he a. He wants to play more and he knows that we need him as a team to have success. “

Besides, Hartsburg believes that Drysdale could have still more points than the 39 in 38 games he has harvested so far this season. And it is far from being negative.

“He understands the importance of his defensive play and is even willing to sacrifice a bit of production offensive to be a good player in both senses of the game. Even that time, I’d like that it darkens a bit more in attack, but it is in his nature, he always wants to do what is best for the good of the team. “

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