January 10 – Household day or Christmas meat-eating: rites and traditions

Don’t leave today, open the Windows and doors of the house!

10 січня – Домочадців день або Різдвяний м’ясоїд: обряди та традиції

January 10, Slavs had taken all the things to do together and together as a family. Together on the farm was managed, and sat at the table. Therefore, in the folk calendar, the date received and the name of the Household day. Since ancient times the family was considered the most expensive and important thing a man can have in life. It is only with the support of family, people become strong, make progress, deal with any difficulties, informs Rus.Media.

The rituals and traditions of this day

January 10, also called the Christmas meat-eater. After a long fasting Orthodox Church now permitted the use of meat dishes, it is time for weddings, you can cover the rich tables and the guests will not be ashamed.

Christmas carols in the carnivore should definitely let me in and buy me a treat, they will bring health and well-being of the family, and for housing the protection from damage and the evil eye.

There are a number of prohibitions in the Household the day:

1. Today do not take food or money.

2. Do not do with baking, as it is impossible in this day to put the dough.

3. Women January 10, don’t need to embroider, knit, sew, stove podpilivat.

According to the tradition of the Household day out the rite in peace and harmony in the family. The young today have to buy salt and his own to desalinate all the dishes are prepared. Before salt, I read zagovornye words:

“How the salt in the food will melt, so our family never scandals and quarrels won’t know. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

January 10, it is necessary to hold without conflict and disagreement, and make a family desire, the sincere, good and bright, it will come true.

10 січня – Домочадців день або Різдвяний м’ясоїд: обряди та традиції

Keep doors and Windows in the house were always closed

Our ancestors 10 Jan strictly followed to the house during the day was left open doors and Windows. Believed that if not careful you can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Slavs are a lot of prejudices associated with Windows and doors.

What else you need to know about Windows?

During the day, not shuttered Windows, dark curtains, you can family happiness to get rid of. The house must penetrate the sunlight, then it will accumulate positive energy that will attract love and prosperity to the family.

You cannot enter the house through the Windows. If it happened, if you lost the keys of the front door, and there is no other way to get inside except through the window, apologize to the Family.

Never pour in the mud and do not throw garbage. People say that the Windows sometimes are the souls of dead relatives. To the garbage with mud, they will be offended and I will send trouble with adversity.

In older homes do not cut new openings for Windows or else someone might die soon.

Not to look out the window during the funeral procession, and it is better to close the window blinds that death looked.

What not to do with the door?

1. When you open the front door to the house, I crossed the threshold with the left foot, and right hand only. Then evil will not be able together with you in the house to get.

2. Not unmarried girls to leave an unlocked door, and the husband gets caught cheating.

3. Never make the bed near the front door, and don’t make near the overnight guests.

4. It’s not customary for at night the front door was closed by somebody from the family members, must be done by the chair (man). In another case the wife all night will quarrel.

5. Do not open simultaneously the outer and inner door, otherwise the house for a long time, the impure force is located.

6. Never put the dolls in front of the door family might leave a man.

Folk omens on 10 January

  1. If there are stacks on the frost, the summer will be rainy.
  2. Thick frost or snow promise a good harvest of grain.
  3. Windless weather and frost on the trees promise a good and productive year.
  4. The case made by the whole family, January 10, will bear fruit in the future and will make everyone happy.
  5. The family has always been peace, get chetvergova salt and add it to cooked dishes.
  6. People who played Jan 10, wedding will live happily ever after.
  7. If the cat sleeps all day or from the sky knocked the large flakes of snow, then it will get warmer soon.
  8. If damp salt is bad weather.
  9. The dog came out of the booth and fell on the snow, to blizzards.
  10. Wet weather promises a good crop of flax.
  11. If in the water, the fish is restless, and splashing his tail will be snowfall.
  12. Snowstorm on this day to cold and rainy summer.
  13. If the sparrows chirp merrily, it will get warmer soon.