January 13 – the Day of Saint Melania the Roman, Christmas eve: traditions, customs and folk superstitions

Today, the healers suggest to bring the house wealth and success – how available to everyone!

13 січня – День святої Меланії Римлянки, Щедрий вечір: традиції, обряди та народні прикмети

13 January in the Orthodox world honor the memory of a Christian Saint Melania the Roman. In the national calendar, the date received and the name of Vasiliev evening, Christmas eve, informs Rus.Media.

Who is Melania?

Melania (384-439) was the youngest daughter of Senator Valery Publcly.

Before Christianity brought it to the grandmother on the father of Melania the Elder, who after her husband’s death took a vow of chastity, gave his wealth to the poor and led an ascetic life.

The father saw their daughter as an heiress, and when that was 14 years, gave her forcibly married to a rich young man Apnea. The girl begged her husband to live in chastity, but under the influence of his parents, he insisted on having children to continue the race. First Melania was born a daughter who died a few years after birth. The second child was a boy, who died immediately after birth. After what happened Melania is very sick. The man, seeing her distress, promised the Lord to give a vow of chastity, if she recovers. Melania was miraculously healed, and Apna fulfilled his promise.

After a few years the father of Melania became very ill and realized that his days were numbered. He called to his daughter and on his deathbed asked for forgiveness for his actions, begging him to pray for him.

After his father’s death, Melania and her husband had sold his mansion in Italy and went to North Africa. The proceeds from the sale of the funds they have helped many poor and sick, gave money to rebuild churches. In 417 year Melania with her husband and mother moved to Palestine. A Saint lived there for 22 years. Feeling the approach of death, Melania rides to Bethlehem. Take part in a Christmas service. She died on 31 Dec, saying before his death: “As the Lord was pleased, the way it is”.

The rituals and traditions of this day

Our ancestors believed that on the evening of January 13 the God of heaven examines all the houses and farms. The morning brought order everywhere – women in the homes, men in the backyard all cleaned up.

Then prepare holiday meals, generously fed livestock. Themselves bathed, wore clean clothes and were made for the evening meal.

Definitely a day Melania cook the pancakes and saying, “Let the new year still growing in the fields, like pancakes on yeast”.

13 січня – День святої Меланії Римлянки, Щедрий вечір: традиції, обряди та народні прикмети

Learn simple ways to attract good luck and wealth

Day Melania in Russia linked the concept of prosperity. Today the hostess should prepare many different delicious dishes, then to treat your family, neighbors and friends that come.

The richer will be the table on January 13, the greater the prosperity expects of the owners during the year.

Necessarily need to be jelly. The pig was considered a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

During the preparation of aspic, the owner of the house shared a pig’s head into pieces and distributed to all according to seniority. The youngest member of the family had to crawl under the table and a little mahrukat. A ritual performed to bring good luck, happiness and wealth.

To the house the next year the wealth was, 13 January, you can transfer the money, especially the smaller ones. Today does not reveal any business or buy real estate.

This day is best suited to perform your expenses with the income for the previous year.

Find out what to spend the most money, and what purchases are not enough, make a rough budget plan for next year.

To attract wealth and good luck today conducted a simple ceremony. Pour into a bowl the nuts, seeds, clean them from the shell and say zagovornye words:

“As the rich mouse and squirrel supplies inventory and my chests bursting let. Money let found, multiply and crushed. The shell drobina, and a coin hanging. Let it be my word hard now and forever. Amen.”

However, performing the ritual to attract wealth and good luck is not enough. Then it is necessary not to lose, and to preserve and enhance all that attracted.

To do this, try to follow simple rules:

1. New money is constantly added to your family’s coffers, occasionally donate some money to the temple or charity. While saying these words: “give and ye shall receive”.

2. Handle money accurately, not comcate, do not break, do not tear.

3. Don’t tell all and Sundry about the amount of money earned, they do not like disturbance and noise.

4. Do not borrow and do not lend money after sunset.

5. Don’t spend from the purse of every last coin, he must not remain empty.

6. Small and large bills separate.

7. When you receive your salary or other monies from them don’t waste. It is necessary that one night the money spent at home, so they will attract new arrivals.

Folk omens on 13 January

  1. If a night sky, many stars, it’s a good crop of berries.
  2. The snow on this day promises a good year.
  3. If the weather is warm, the summer will be rainy.
  4. A lot of frost on the trees – good collection of honey and crops.
  5. Icing on the trees to harvest vegetables.
  6. Thaw – a rainy summer.
  7. Blizzard – to the rich harvest of nuts.
  8. If the night is clear and starry, the people will be healthy and happy.
  9. Sick in the Old New year – a bad omen. To recover it will be long.
  10. The dreams that dreamed on January 13, are considered prophetic.
  11. This day can not be considered petty cash – to tears.