January 23 – day Gregory-Topologika: traditions, rituals and superstitions

What do I have to buy today, the person that you want of mutual sympathy?

23 січня – день Григорія-Літопокажчика: традиції, обряди та прикмети

23 January, Orthodox Christians revere the memory of St. Gregory of Nyssa. According to popular calendar date called the day of Gregory, Gregory-Topoietic, informs Rus.Media.

Who is Saint Gregory?

Gregory was born about 335, in a large Christian family. He had a sister Macrina (later canonized monk) and brother Basil (Archbishop of Caesarea).

Gregory received an excellent education, got married, but his wife died early. Losing his wife, he went to the monastery to his brother.

In the year 372 Gregory was appointed Bishop of Nyssa, but soon was unjustly accused of embezzling money. From custody he escaped and about three years of wandering. In the year 379 he was assigned to be the Metropolitan Sebastiscus. Considered to be the wisest philosopher, wrote many books.

The rituals and traditions of this day

23 January, our ancestors judged about what the future will be summer, so the date was the popular name of Gregory-Topoietic.

Say, if today in the cold to see the first drops against the bright sun, you have to make a wish, it will surely come.

In order for the entire year in the house had money and become wealthy, and have a day of Gregory to go into the field to find the haystack, and around it three times against the sun. Then take some hay and bring home.

According to folk belief, which of the spouses 23 January first falls asleep, he will first go to the other world.

What treats today to give to the person you want to like?

23 січня – день Григорія-Літопокажчика: традиції, обряди та прикмети

If you like someone, but he doesn’t reciprocate, the day of Gregory treat it with red wine or grape juice. These drinks have a truly magical properties. But keep in mind proven by centuries of folk omens and superstitions:

1. If a bottle of wine remains unfinished, so in the near future you will have to shed many bitter tears.

2. After dinner, don’t leave on the table an empty bottle, she will appeal to the house of poverty.

3. If your guest with a toast, raised his full glass and spilled wine on the tablecloth, do not be sad and do not scold him. This is a good sign that the house will be full of wealth and prosperity for many years to come.

4. But if on the floor, spilled red wine, it is already the case, it foretells illness to someone from your relatives.

5. Try to get the last drop from the bottle fell in your glass, you’ll never know what misery and poverty.

6. If you do accidentally spilled wine his clothing, get ready in a hassle that will bring a lot of fatigue and no benefit.

7. In the case where the beverage of your suit spilled a visitor or a neighbor on the table, you can expect a big fight and not necessarily with him but with anyone.

When still managed to interest a man who drank wine, and it’s going to end with a wedding, take note of such national signs.

If during the wedding celebrations on the wedding dress of the bride spilled red wine, it’s not a good sign. Promises difficult family life, the husband will drink and handsy.

But white wine and champagne that is spilled on the wedding dress, on the contrary, to a stable and prosperous life, understanding in the family.

For grapes in General have a reputation of loving the berries. If the husband is going to go on a business trip, and you doubt his faithfulness, put discreetly in a pocket or bag of a small bag of raisins.

It will become a kind of talisman your relationship and guarantee that the person even will not look on any woman. And for absolute certainty before the trip, give him to drink fresh grape juice.

Folk omens on January 23

If Gregory the sky is clear and without a cloud, expect an early arrival of spring.

If 23 January is dry and very Sunny from morning until evening, get ready for a hot and dry summer.