January 23 – handwriting Day

23 января - День почерка

Today, January 23 is handwriting or, to put it more elegantly, national handwriting Day (National Handwriting Day).

This annual feast was established to remind all of us about the uniqueness of handwriting, the need to practice in it, about the uniqueness of each person’s handwriting. After all, the growing popularity of computers, e-mail and electronic notepads, TEXTS, sets of stickers printed with phrases tips, as well as other means of rapid communication gradually withdraws modern man from the opportunity to Express their thoughts by writing them by hand. Perhaps in the near future, a letter or a postcard, written by hand, would be a welcome addition.

The initiator of the Day of handwriting was made by the Association of manufacturers of writing instruments (Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, WIMA), which proclaimed the date “handwritten” holiday on January 23. This day was born one of the most prominent American statesmen — John Hancock (January 23, 1737 — October 8, 1793), who first put his signature to the Declaration of Independence. Hancock’s signature was large and sprawling, and has added credibility to its author.

The history of the development of writing by hand thousands of years, and perhaps during the same time people have attempted to define the nature of a person’s handwriting. Your thoughts on the connection of handwriting with the spiritual world of man was expressed by Aristotle and the great Italians of the Renaissance. In 1875, a French Abbe Jean Hippolyte Michener first used the term “graphology” (al-Greek. γράφω — write and λόγος — teaching), which now defines the field of knowledge of the handwriting and the methods of study in connection with the mental state of the individual.

A great contribution to the theory of graphology was made by the German philosopher and psychologist Ludwig Klages (1872 — 1956). Modern scholars call the seven main characteristics of handwriting, which can create a portrait of a man — the size of the letters, their inclination and shape, the direction of the handwriting, the intensity of the pressure, the nature of the writing, the overall assessment of the handwriting.

Graphologists believe that between features of handwriting and personality traits must be a link because the human brain subconsciously moving a hand writer. Brain, by the way, they explain that when you grow up and you change the character of the handwriting of the person also changes.

As you know, a very important instrument of handwriting was for the CSU. The goal of handwriting experts to establish the authenticity of a document. Experts for scientific examination of the document must have excellent knowledge of various writing styles. Of course, they carefully study all features of handwriting in order to accurately establish the identity of the writer. We can assume that scientific research involving handwriting will continue, and scientists reach a deeper understanding of the relationship of handwriting from the character of a person. It can be assumed that developers of various mobile devices and gadgets will create a tool that allows us to write emails in their handwriting. But, fortunately, in our lives there are always situations when you want to write a good and simple words with their unique hand.

23 января - День почерка

Lyudmila Verbitskaya

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