January 29 – St. Peter’s day: rituals, traditions and superstitions

Why today’s women need to stay home?

29 січня – Петрів день: обряди, традиції та прикмети

29 January in the Orthodox world worship honest chains of St. Peter. In the national calendar, the date received the name of St. Peter’s day, Peter-polukord, informs Rus.Media.

Who is Saint Peter?

Peter at birth had the name Simon (Peter called him Jesus) was a simple fisherman’s son. Becoming a young man, he married and together with his brother continued his father’s business – catching fish.

One day he met Jesus Christ, he abandoned fishing, and followed him. Peter became one of the favorite disciples of the Saviour.

When Peter was arrested by order of the Jewish king Herod, and was preparing to die, shackled in iron chains.

Before the trial Peter was sleeping between two guards. Here he was a God-sent angel and told to rise. Peter stood up, the chains remained on the floor, and he was released from prison after an angel.

The rituals and traditions of this day

The people of the day called Peter-polukord, as it was believed that by 29 January it was exactly half of winter.

The peasants went to the pantry to explore the grocery supplies and livestock feed. They must remain half.

If there was excess, was happy, was a bit to sell. But if less than half, so we need to save less to feed animals or to purchase.

Today, the Slavs were considered a wolf, so on January 29 I do not take up anything sharp, resembling the teeth of a wolf (scissors, saws, knives).

Women today it is undesirable to leave the house to fulfill a wish

For folk traditions on January 29 girls anywhere out of the house did not go. From early morning they were taken to sweep the house, barns, storerooms. It was thought that the more grains nametet, the happier you’ll live next year.

Then poured the grain into a mortar and began to pound, this was a wish long cherished desire. Then all the work was performed silently, without a word to the desire language that is not broke and flew.

After grind from oats cooked pudding, made from wheat flour baked pancakes. And only when she will eat a homemade pancake and drink the jelly, she can talk.

Who since the morning the whole ceremony according to the rules of conduct, that wish will come true.

But this ancient ritual for wish fulfillment is now little relevant.

29 січня – Петрів день: обряди, традиції та прикмети

Try to bring his dream differently:

1. Take the glass transparent (not colored) bottle, candle, clean spring water, a small sheet of paper and a red pencil (or marker).

2. Write your wish clearly and concisely without long wording (3-4 words). Then append “…the Goal is set. Go to the goal”.

3. Place the paper with the wish in a bottle, fill with water a quarter of the volume. The paper must get wet and stay on the bottom, but do not float.

4. Light a candle, look closely at the flame and repeat three times out loud word for word what is written on paper.

5. Watch the flame, if it is smooth, no jerks, then say: “the Goal is achieved. There are no obstacles. Go to dream”. Now visualize your desire in detail that you captured such feelings as if it already came true.

6. Extinguish the candle, and formed during the combustion of the wax gently pour into the bottle.

7. Cap the bottle and hide it.

8. At the same time repeat the ritual to the last detail (except written a wish, it is already in the bottle, no more) until then, until it burns the whole candle.

9. When the candle burns out, pour in the last bottle of the wax, drop a small candle flame, tightly zakuporte and say, “My dream in my pocket”.

10. – Take it out and bury the bottle in a safe place and wait for the fulfillment of desires.

When you perform a ritual you will be able to realize that dream won’t come true if:

  • the paper does not remain on the bottom, but POPs up;
  • when burning, the candle flame will jump, sputter and smoke heavily;
  • when extinguishing the candles will be melted wax, then there will be nothing to pour into the bottle.

In these cases, there is no reason to continue the ritual, the desire to make wrong, at the wrong time or when it is executed can cause harm to other people.

Folk omens on January 29

If 29 Jan frost, summer will be hot.

Heavy snowfall on St. Peter’s day heralds plenty of grass in the spring and good fishing in the summer.