Japan: And now, the cat-pad (or the pad-chat, as you want)

This robot fur wagging tail could be the answer to all of these people who want a cat and whose way of life does not allow it. — Qoobo/Cover Images/SIPA

The Japanese still amaze with a new technological feat of a kind a somewhat special. A cushion-soft, so cute, that looks like a cat and that is called ” Qoobo “.

In Japan, it is difficult to get permission to have a pet in the apartment, such as the chronicles MCE. It is thus that the idea came to one of the engineers of Yukai Engineering at the initiative of the project, he himself has experienced the heartbreak of having to give up her little ball of fur at his parents ‘ home. It was therefore decided to meet the need of many Japanese who want to cuddle a little hairy.

“Purr” and shaking tail

Although it is just like a cat, this is not one of them. The cute little robot mimics perfectly the behaviour of small cats except that it does not have the disadvantages : no litter to change, no scratches on the couch… The cushion remains in its place, there where you left it, and in addition, it reacts to your caresses. It emits a vibration that is similar to the purring of the cat and wag his tail with each pass of your hand on him…

The robot will go on sale in June 2018, but for the moment, available only in the country of the Rising Sun.

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