Japan: prime minister extends state of emergency throughout the country

Japon: le premier ministre étend l’état d’urgence à tout le pays

The japanese prime minister announced Thursday the extension of state of emergency in the whole of the japanese archipelago, in order to more effectively combat the spread of coronavirus.

“The areas where the state of emergency should be applied will be extended from seven prefectures currently to all of the prefectures,” said Shinzo Abe in the evening at a meeting of medical experts devoted to the pandemic of novel coronavirus.

Last week, Abe declared the state of emergency until may 6, for 7 of the 47 regions of the country, including Tokyo and its outer suburbs as well as the region of Osaka, the great metropolis of the west of the country.

This device intended for a month does not result in a containment mandatory, but enables regional authorities to urge residents to restrict their travel to the maximum and encourage some shops to close temporarily.

No sanction is provided for the recalcitrant.

Other prefectures of the country, including the Aichi (center) and Kyoto (west), had asked time to be included in the device of a state of emergency.

Some of them have even taken the lead in putting already in place similar measures, but without a legal basis.

“If we limit the zones under a state of emergency, editor’s NOTE), people are going to neighbouring regions “, had explained earlier on Thursday the spokesman of the executive nippon, Yoshihide Suga, in confirming the holding of the meeting of experts.

He had also made reference to the holidays of “Golden Week” of late April to early may, during which the Japanese usually travel en masse across the country.

Japan has until now been relatively spared by the pandemic, but the number of cases has significantly increased since the end of march, risking overloading the hospitals, which led the government to intensify its action.

The last balance-sheet newspaper of the ministry of Health was a state of near 8600 cases of contamination for 136 deaths in the country since the beginning of the health crisis.

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