Japan: the mayor of Osaka, under the fire of criticism after remarks that were deemed sexist

Japon: le maire d’Osaka sous le feu des critiques après des propos jugés sexistes

The mayor of Osaka, the third largest city in Japan, was tancé on social networks have suggested that the men should do the shopping during the pandemic, as women, undecided, according to him, there would be dedicating too much time.

Since the declaration of state of emergency in Japan this month, the authorities recommend that residents do their shopping less frequently and to avoid going to several in order to limit close contact.

The mayor of Osaka, Ichiro Matsui, said Thursday that the men should do the shopping, because women “take the time when they look at the products, and they waver between this and that”, according to comments reported by Kyodo news agency.

While “the men drifting on the articles that they were asked (to buy, editor’s NOTE) and they go away, so I think this would be a good thing that they did the races, to avoid the human contact” to the extent possible, has added the elected.

Mr. Matsui then admitted that his analysis could seem obsolete, but it has stated that it verified at least in his own family.

It was since sharply criticize on the social networks in Japan.

His remarks are “full of prejudices about women”, complained one Twitter user, adding that there are women “prompt” to the decision, such as men “undecided”.

“Is it that he believes that (the customers, ED.) like to take their time? They think of the menus and the prices,” commented another.

Other people approved, however the mayor. “It is true. Older women in particular are still in the process of chat, without worrying about race” that they are trying to do, considered one of them.

The company japan maintains a traditional representation of the relations between men and women, the latter largely seen as responsible for the household chores and the education of children, even if they exercise a professional activity.

Japan was ranked 121st out of 153 countries in the index 2020 gender inequality at the world economic Forum.

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