Japanese horoscope: what will tell your blood type

Японский гороскоп: о чем расскажет ваша группа крови

The first time it may seem that there is no connection between astrology and blood type can not exist. But is it?

The Japanese claim the opposite.

They believe that blood is able to tell about the person as much as his Zodiac sign.

So, what we can tell?

I group

The element of Fire.

Such people soon become informal leaders and have a thrust to power on a subconscious level. Their actions are purposeful and methodical.

The owners of this group have confidence in their own abilities, emotionality, impulsivity and enviable energy.

They love life and love fun. They are characterized by jealousy and lack of adequate perception of criticism. If you do not resist them — you risk to be at the mercy of this man.

Of the most common diseases — gastritis and arthritis. It is recommended that a low-protein diet and limiting the consumption of flour products.

Group II

The element of Air.

They are characterized by volatility, but by their actions, they can inspire feats absolutely anyone.

Their patience is enviable, and encouraging them not to take. For happiness do not need much — peace and order. But at the same time they are actively fighting for truth and justice and able to help at any time.

Such people are very stubborn and can’t afford to relax. Also they just love to eat out, which can lead to problems with the cardiovascular system, and even threatened cancer.

The diet is better to give preference to vegetarian food.

Group III

Your element is Earth.

Practicality and rationality — it’s about them. Holders of a good imagination and are the creators of atmosphere. If you need a reliable friend — people with this blood group thing. Such people can be called philosophers who prefer to work more on yourself than on someone else’s result. The opinion is of little interest.

Among this group of blood most often there are undecideds. They love the independence that it can even be considered their weakness.

Regarding limitations in food — they are not.

Group IV

Your element is Water.

Such people are very unpredictable. If the person complete peace of mind, the soul could just be a storm of emotions.

They are characterized by poise, but they have a huge passion for everything uncharted. Tact and sense of humor, unwillingness to be involved in conflicts and friendliness that can be said about the owners of the 4th group of blood.

Sometimes they can be extremely cutting, but if someone need help they can come at any time of the day.

Find an outlet to work, though, and choose a future profession for a very long period of time.

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