Jared Leto presented the new clip

Джаред Лето представил новый клип

“Rescue Me” is a song about pain, about faith and about freedom. This song is about a brutal war that many of us are against fear, depression, anxiety… None of us is all the time “right.” My brother has always been a personal battle… But I try to remember that the darkest days always give way to bright. And these changes always around the corner,” said frontman Jared Leto.

The video was filmed as ordinary people and models. The video heroes just stand in front of the camera and not holding back, show their emotions — laugh, angry and cry.

“Rescue Me” on the album “America” which became the first in the last five years. The video was premiered on the news about the departure of longtime guitarist Tomo of Milichevich. His name began to disappear from the posters TSTM during the world tour in support of the album. And three days ago he wrote in his Twitter account to appeal to fans of:

“I’m not with Thirty Seconds To Mars. I don’t know how here to explain their decision. Just want to say how happy I was to share with you the time we’ve lived the last 15 years with a group… I Want to thank Jared and Shannon, which allowed me to become part of their dreams and to share the stage with them for so long. I will love every minute of these days until my last breath.”


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