Javan: the riots in Iran — working Americans?

Javan: беспорядки в Иране — работа американцев?

The mass nature of the violence and deliberate destructiveness, manifested in the course of protests in connection with the increase in gasoline prices, a conscious destroying and destruction of public and social infrastructure in some cities of Iran were clearly organized manner, as if were part of someone pre-written and prepared script. Other data showed that the actions of the protesters were sent from abroad, primarily from the United States and its allies, and the goal was to destabilize the situation inside Iran. Moreover, such scenarios are told, first of all, as for American commentators and experts, seeing what is happening obvious “hand of Washington”.As the head of the well-known U.S. think tank of the so-called Ron Paul Institute, destabilization and unrest, which reached Iran in the last few days, of course, was not just a protest against rising gasoline prices. Such actions, as stated by the analyst, are of a very definite schema and familiar to us all a model that is made and developed for the CIA. The reports of American intelligence and a great awareness of the White house concerning the events in Iran have once again demonstrated, contrary to the statements of the White house, the relevance of the assumptions about the attempt to displace the existing political regime by force.During the protests in Iran, which in some areas and places have assumed the character of mass violence, again there were statements and declarations of American officials, as if they intended to achieve their selfish goals to catch fish from muddy water. White house statement about the support of the unrest and instability in several cities in Iran, as well as a clear provocation of the protesters to continue violence, of course, show us clearly exactly where the “headquarters” of these protests and by whom they are directed and controlled. As for American observers, commentators and experts are almost openly say that the first guilty of destabilization of the situation in Iran is a White house. Daniel McAdams Executive Director Ron Paul Institute, one of the most famous commentators and experts of the American political community, frankly admitted that in recent riots in Iran involved Washington. McAdams also says that what is happening in Iran is already well familiar scheme and the model: there is a reason (in this case, the increase in prices of automotive fuel), on the basis of which then break out the protests and riots in several major cities. A similar model has been repeatedly tested by the CIA in order to dismiss the American political administration of the government. As stated by McAdams himself in an interview with RT that in his view, what is happening in Iran is the result of the specific mission of the Central intelligence Agency, carried out by order of the administration of Donald trump. The expert recalled that since last year, responsible for the “Iranian site of work” was a CIA officer Michael D’andrea, also known by the nickname “the Ayatollah Mike.” McAdams also said that Michael D’andrea himself having a personal grudge against Iran and its government and because it is repeatedly used in this area of CIA activity. Now he, according to Macadams, gave all the necessary powers to do whatever it takes to destabilize and make uncontrollable internal situation in Iran. He, according to McAdams, is supposed to have said: “Go and do it, this time we should topple the Iranian government.” McAdams also noted that in the past D’andrea — rich experience various illegal and clandestine activities to destabilize the situation in various countries and regions of the world. Such a scheme of action, observed in Iran, according to the American analyst, was used in the world are very wide — from Hong Kong to Ukraine and Iran. Against Ukraine to achieve the desired have managed, against Iran — yet. However, the scheme that was applied in those States, a standard she somehow seeks to overthrow the current government, which is for various reasons objectionable to Washington. Answering the question how the CIA could destabilize the situation in Iran and to organize riots all over the country, Macadams emphasized that this structure has rich experience and many different schemes tried out in different countries of the world. But this is an important detail that is also used by the CIA, is to work with people living in Iran. Create groupings, objectives and actions of the character which may be different from terrorist activities to separatism. But they all serve the interests and objectives of the CIA. Thus, according to McAdams, there are special “missionaries” whose job it is to go directly to Iran, to organize the attack, which certainly would have killed people. In conclusion, the above interview, McAdams said: “We (the US — approx. transl.) again associate himself with the worst people on the planet, and only because we want to overthrow the regime, which we don’t like. And completed these actions is always one of chaos and instability throughout the country”.Two years ago, the newspaper “new York times” in one of its publications, which caused a wide resonance, lifted the veil from one secret plan, which was developed by the CIA under the guidance referred to Michael D’andrea. The publication explicitly States that the organization tasked to take all measures to destabilize the situation in Iran. According to the publication, the “Iranian plan” involved neighbouring Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Some time ago, during previous such events in Iran, expressed the Russian foreign Ministry, stating that suspects in the organization of the unrest in the country by external forces. But U.S. officials recently said that they support the actions of outright thugs and looters, calling them “protesters against a despotic regime”: so American leaders are provoking these people to continue in a country of riots and pogroms. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo went even further when in one of his public speeches a few days ago, said: “In Washington hear the voice of the Iranian people and support him.”Pogroms had a plan, the actions of the rioters coordinated…the Nature and character of the recent protests in Iran, as well as publications and statements on the subject by U.S. officials show that the United States previously developed a plan to destabilize the political situation in Iran and set the stage for these performances. A few days before the protests Jerry Connolly, a prominent representative of the democratic party USA, said that the days of “clerical political regime” in Iran “are numbered” and that “the Iranian people need to give a long-awaited freedom”. But the Israeli publication “Haaretz”, is also known for his staunch anti-Iranian stance, citing “sources in the US government”, and again a few days before the start of the protests in Iran, with complete frankness, wrote: “Many American politicians are convinced that in the moment there is, as ever, favorable conditions for the destruction of the political regime in the Islamic Republic of Iran.” The so-called Center for strategic international studies (CSIS), the controlled US government, published a lengthy report on the “components” or “areas” of the protest movement in Iran. This report also shows clearly that Americans are constantly trying to influence this movement and have a definite plan of action. The report, which is published by the Center two weeks prior to the start of the current protests, bears the title “the Protest movement in Iran and threats to internal security”. It was published on the website of the Center and reports about the “components” of the Iranian protest movement: “the First component of the protests in Iran are economic problems.” A statement is expected, the more that these so-called “economic problems” had a hand themselves overseas “spin doctors”. The second component, according to the report, is “a political component” associated, allegedly, with the repressive policies of the authorities and the political arrests in the country activists. There is also, according to the report, and the third component related to ecology and the environment, which take place in the provinces of Isfahan and Iranian Azerbaijan. According to the data published in this report for the period from January 2018 (or so-called “first wave of protests” in Iran, which began in December 2017) to October 2019, the country has seen 4200 protests. And then, starting in December 2017, the Americans were trying to influence the direction and course of the protests for yourself in the right direction. And the President of the United States Donald trump and other official U.S. policy, on the other hand, constantly repeating the thesis about “increasing pressure on Iran.” And this “increased pressure” has not kept itself waiting long: it resulted, first, in the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal in the summer of 2018 with one hand, and on the other hand, in the introduction against Iran of new sanctions for allegedly pursued by the government of the country “adverse policies”. Tactics maximum pressure on Iran was justified and inevitably lead to new protests.The fact that the Americans sought consistently to plan of action to destabilize the situation in the country, follows from the statements of not only politicians, but also of a number of foreign diplomats, and even those that seemingly have nothing to Iran a direct relationship. So, the US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, showing the usual American diplomacy the practice of interference in the internal Affairs of a sovereign country, on Tuesday wrote in his account “Twitter”: “We also hear the voice of the Iranian people. However, we consider all possible difficulties and now I can not give great details about what we took.” Again a pretty broad statement, but to us it’s clear what in this context “made” Americans. According to CNN, adviser to the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani also shared “his vision” of the situation in the country: “the Whole Iranian nation calls for the current political leadership of the Islamic Republic to leave. The sanctions apparently did not remain without consequences, the national currency is constantly losing value — and here’s the conditions for a successful revolution.” Although in the early days the reason for the unrest in Iran was the rise in gasoline prices, the performances from the beginning is clearly no coincidence that joined the people who, on the one hand, receive support from the United States, on the other — from local and regional forces, dissatisfied with foreign policy, which holds the Iranian leadership. Consistent and widespread during the current unrest, the destruction of social infrastructure, attacks on state institutions also show that performances have their own leaders, “technologists” and the coordinators that are clearly not among the “common people.” On the contrary, everything that happens is evidence of pre-prepared scenarios of the performances. Summaries of the operational services security and the rule of law in Iran in recent days repeatedly reported that among the protesters there are people who enjoy a certain influence within the opposition-minded community groups: they are also clearly pre-prepared script, moved at the head of organized groups of so-called “activists” around the country, from one region of Iran to the other, trying to direct the actions of the protesters in a determined direction. The same report prepared by the Center CSIS, quite rightly indicates in this regard: “the Protests began for economic reasons, however, the movement, limited only by the economic slogans are unlikely to change the Manager of the Iran regime.”

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