Jean Charest galvanizes the liberals… and criticizes the media

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The ex-liberal premier Jean Charest

The ex-liberal premier Jean Charest was greeted with a featured Saturday evening at the Convention of the Quebec liberal Party, where he delivered a speech humorous full of attacks against the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) and the media.

“I’m back among you this evening to announce my return… “, he started, before the crowd bury him applause. “For tonight, for a night “, he added, the smile.

The tone was set ; the crowd was conquered. Even the police investigation in which the ex-liberal leader made the object has been turned into a joke. “I know that you also, you follow my activities, which are reported from time to time in the newspapers “, he launched to the liberals in the room. “Me too, I learn what I’m doing in the newspapers, in the reading,” he added, before bursting out laughing.

Jean Charest has fuelled various reports in recent months, in particular because it is under investigation Mâchurer of the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC), who is interested in the granting of public contracts and political financing.

The casting and the presumption of innocence

In a short press briefing, the former liberal leader has taken a more serious tone. “We had a kind of spiral of information flows to my topic and in my opinion, we must ask questions about how people are treated in our society on these issues “,-he said.

“He must do things in our society by respecting the lives of the people, [including] the mine “, he pleaded. “According to the rules, also, because that is not flowing in series, to the newspaper information, the amount of pin in some cases — it is really fitted to the helium, we present the business as if it was very severe… “, he added, without finishing his sentence.

The ex-prime minister recalled that ” the whole world “, in Quebec, enjoys the presumption of innocence. He refused to answer a question on the links that it maintains with the ex-treasurer of the PLQ, Marc Bibeau, also being investigated by the UPAC. “You see, this is an example of information which are made public, who have no kind of context… It is made public, we present it as if it was something serious,” he replied. He then promised to explain ” time and place “.

Jean Charest has also pointed out that, in his opinion, ” UPAC is under pressure extremely strong.” “And honestly, the media impose a constant pressure and very high [UPAC],” he insisted.

Attacks targeting the CAQ

The speech of Jean Charest was the first pronounced by the ex-prime minister of Quebec to the liberals since 2013. “You are extraordinary “, he started, referring to the “big battle” that awaits them ” in the next year “, the approach of the election.

After having said to worry about ” this tendency to populism, the tendency to excesses of rhetoric and resentment “, the former liberal leader has taken to the QAC, first in the polls of the last few months. “They want to in the next year to increase the stress,” he said, in a reference to an announced intention of the QAF to put pressure on the government in place. “Quebecers don’t need we to depress them, they don’t need the CAQ in order to be stressed. They are capable of doing it all alone, with the help of the media in quebec,”, he said.

“The division, resentment and vilification, demagoguery” that offer according to him, the CAQ, he has opposed the ability of the LIBERALS to ” prepare the future “, to “see the future” and to ” adapt to the changes we experience in Quebec.”

This same theme — that of the future — has been taken over by the prime minister, Philippe Couillard. “For us, the memory shines upon the way of the future,” he said during his speech to activists gathered together to celebrate the 150 years of the QLP.

But the liberal leader has not prevented to take a look to the past for as much. “We have before us someone who has done a lot for Quebec “, he underlined, praising once more the record of his predecessor, whom he called affectionately called ” Jean “.

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