Jean-Christophe Masson, the search for a plan B

Jean-Christophe Masson à la recherche d’un plan B

The first season of professional Jean-Christophe Masson in the organization of the Toronto Blue Jays will have to wait. Following the cancellation of the official season in the minor baseball league, Wednesday, the left fielder of Quebec is now seeking a plan B to continue to play baseball at the highest level and he admits that the project of tournament to four teams, proposed by the Capitals of Quebec and the Eagles of Trois-Rivières, would be the perfect solution.

The young striker of 17 years has lived the first camp with the Jays before the pandemic put the world of sports and the world in general — on pause.

Since then, he is back in Quebec city where he tries to stay involved in her sport by offering his services with the Academy of the Capitals of Quebec. He knows, however, that he will find a way to play baseball games this summer so as not too take back in its development.

“I have to play to gain experience. It takes me to the volume. For the moment, I have several options on the table, but the league that (the president of the Capitals) Michel Laplante is trying to put in place is one of the good issues. I am still waiting for the approval of the Jays to be able to participate “, he mentioned during a telephone interview with The Journalon Thursday.

As he mentioned to the colleague, Richard Boutin Wednesday, Laplante still waiting for a response in order to put his plan into execution. A decision is expected to fall today.


If the tournament took place, but that the Jays refuse that Masson is involved, the latter will return for a season with the Academy of baseball Canada (ABC), or with the Diamonds of Quebec in major League baseball junior élite du Québec (LBJÉQ).

He does not hide that the news that Manny Ramirez is interested in the initiative of the Capitals and of the Eagles, gives him even more eager to participate in the project.

“This, this is crazy like that ! If I find myself playing in the same league as Manny Ramirez, it would put a little positive through it all. In addition, it would give quite a show. “


It is still the case that, in the best of worlds, Masson compete in his first season in the organization of the Jays.

“I was expecting a little so that the season would be cancelled because I had talked to some coaches in the organization that told me that it boded not well. However, I was disappointed when the news was confirmed. I wanted to prove myself in my first season and I trained hard this winter for it. There, it breaks a little bit my first season, but at the same time, there’s no point of me dwelling on my fate. “

Masson had been the choice of the 26th round of the Toronto Blue Jays in 2019. Drafted at the age of 16, he was thus became the youngest player selected in the draft in major League baseball (MLB).

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