Jean-François Gosselin wants a bridge to stimulate the economy of Quebec

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
The head of Québec21, Jean-François Gosselin, says that the current election is essentially a referendum on the transit project to mayor Labeaume.

The candidate for mayor Jean-Francois Gosselin “has difficulty” with the project of the Flagship of the real estate group Dallaire, which he fears the impact on the real estate market and call into question the approval process.


At the outset, Mr. Gosselin was delighted to see a sponsor willing to invest so much money ($650 million). “At the same time, my other reaction in regard to this particular, it is to be skeptical a little bit “, he argued in the interview editorial with The Duty.


Recall that the Group Dallaire wishes to build a complex of 65 floors, on Laurier boulevard, in the area of Sainte-Foy. Even if it has the support of mayor Labeaume since the beginning of the project, however, has not yet had the official go-ahead from the City, since it requires a significant zoning change, which maxes out at 29 storeys at this location.



Mr. Gosselin asked what will be the impact of the arrival of the Lighthouse, because not everything is rented in the buildings sector, particularly in the building, Jules-Dallaire of the same promoter, ” he said.


“We lack a lot of information,” he adds. Why change the zoning in this case particular and then, at the same time, SMES — I encounter every day, of the presidents of SMES […] say to me [that] this is all so complicated to do business with the City of Quebec ? “

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A referendum on the SRB


For the candidate, the election is essentially a referendum on the transit project to mayor Labeaume. The City of Quebec, pounds-t-il, does not need a transit project structuring, but of a new bridge or a tunnel to the east, between the south shore and the north shore.


When asked how a third link is a better investment of public funds that a public transport network structure, it contends that the third link is a “tool among others” to reduce traffic congestion, but that it is ” primarily a tool of economic development “.


But still ? “For the same reasons that they built the Quebec bridge over 100 years ago,” he continues. […] We made it and it has helped to develop the city of Quebec. Otherwise, we would have developed the south shore. For the same reasons today, if we want to develop the east of Quebec, it is necessary that people can pass through it. “


For the rest, the head of Québec21 mainly has things to say about what he calls local services : trash, snow removal, recreation… If he is in favour of the extension of the library Étienne-Parent in Beauport, he was opposed to the renovation of the Gabrielle-Roy library. “The project that is proposed, it is a project of an aesthetic nature. It’s beautiful, it’s big. It, I agree. “


Financial framework to come


The argument to use beauty to encourage more people to read and make the promotion of the culture he was not convinced. He stresses that this is a project of ” 40 million, of which 32.6 million, which come from the tax payers of the city of Quebec.” We should settle for less to ensure renovations of a base, he believes.

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What about grants from the government of Quebec, which you say no to that ? This could “perhaps [be] invested elsewhere, and much better in activities, reading activities,” retorted he.


When we pointed out to her that these subsidies are associated with very specific projects, he said, “understand”, and adds that he, as mayor, he would sit down with the elected members of Parliament to speak to them about other needs.


Finally, to those who accused him of not rely more on data and numbers, the candidate promises that he will present a financial framework by the end of the campaign. “One guard to the announcement, it is strategic,” he says with a smile.