Jean-Philippe Dion has been blown away by the series My son

Jean-Philippe Dion a été soufflé par la série Mon fils

Confined to his cottage at Orford for more than a month, Jean-Philippe Dion has been devoured tv series these past few weeks, including My son, available on Club Illico.

“I loved it, truly, said the host and producer of tv. It’s been so long that I was eager to see it. This is a series that deals with mental health and it is a subject that appeals to me a lot. I was eager to see what was to be done. And honestly, I was blown away. This is an authenticity, it’s done with respect.

“Antoine L’écuyer, the young actor who is at the heart of the series, is amazing ! I lack the adjectives to say to what extent it is appropriate and fair in his role. It has all the shades possible. To be able to play a mental state, it is not obvious. He could fall into a caricature, but not at all.

“Parents, played by Élise Guilbault and Patrice Godin, are perfect also,” he continues. I find that everything that happens in the psychiatric hospital may. I have already visited when my mother was sick. I know how it is. This is not always beautiful, not always clean. ”

In a more comedic, Jean-Philippe Dion has been much appreciated by The House-Blue, click HERE TOU.TV. “It is very funny. There are big moments where you laugh really hard. Everyone is super good. I find that on tv at this time, all of the series, either on Netflix or in Québec, it is quite heavy. And with what is happening now [with the pandemic], I needed a little levity. The House-Blue, it’s like perfect. It’s good for you. ”

Musically, the facilitator has had the opportunity to listen to the new project of Ariane Moffatt and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier, SOMMM, which comes out Friday. “It is really very good. There is something a little sunny, techno, pop. It is listening well. I just can’t wait to listen to it outside, in mode 5 to 7 ! ”

Star Academy

The pandemic of sars coronavirus has forced the cancellation of the Gala Artis, Jean-Philippe was co-hosting the may 10, with By Morin. But the producer can always work at a distance on the new version of Star Academy, which is expected to be released in the winter. What will they do if the measures of distance are still in place at this time ? “There is no plan A-B-C for that, currently. It is not made here, ” he replied.

Isolated in the middle of the forest with her boyfriend and her dog, Faro, Jean-Philippe Dion spends a lot of time outside, these days. “I’ve never been so market all my life,” he said. There’s pretty much just it to do (laughs) ! I’ve never been so happy to have adopted a small puppy. It puts the life of the action. “

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