Jean Rousseau advocates the metro to link Quebec city and Lévis

Jean Rousseau prône le métro pour relier Québec et Lévis

Councillor Jean Rousseau asked the prime minister Legault to consider the option of an underground metro only reserved for the collective transport as a third link to connect the cities of Quebec and Lévis.

“In Democracy in Québec, we propose that it adopts a subway, as a mode of public transport that is fast, reliable, and able to move a high volume of passengers between Québec city and Lévis,” says the city councillor-Cap-aux-Diamants in a letter addressed to the prime minister of Quebec, François Legault.

“The volumes [of travel] to justify a metro system,” he said in an interview. “We could have a metro and a tramway in Quebec city.”

There would be savings, analysis Jean Rousseau, while indicating that it has not encrypted the project. “I don’t have a cost estimate, I leave that to the experts. (…) But a motorway tunnel, it is more expensive.”

Thus, the politician municipal request to the prime minister to reconsider the decision of his government to allow the movement of vehicles in the tunnel between the two city centres.

“We believe that the portion of the freeway to the 3rd link is problematic. The improvements to the tramway are intended to reduce traffic in the city centre of Quebec and would be jeopardised by the massive arrival of thousands of vehicles leading daily of the tunnel in the city centre or nearby.”

The risks of an accident are also increased, says the politician. He also noted that the federal government shows no appetite for the financing of the portion of the freeway. “It is important that our parliamentarians quebec address and tell us if the link Québec-Lévis will be exclusively for public transit fast or not. “

Output at ExpoCité

He pleads for a subway exit in the sector of ExpoCité, in order to ensure that facilities such as the Centre Videotron. “This fast route between Lévis and Quebec city would be the equivalent of the yellow line of the Montreal metro between the stations of Longueuil, and from Berry-UQAM. “

In a spirit of integrated development, Mr. Rousseau proposes the creation of a new regional transport network (RTR), which would merge the two transit agencies, the réseau de transport de la capitale (RTC) and the Société de transport de Lévis (STLévis). According to him, this is the only way to focus our efforts on the needs of the users and of enterprises, in order to “positioning the greater Quebec city region for future investment in public transit rapid”.

In this regard, the Quebec bridge could also serve to develop a new network. Of bus rapid transit could circulate between the pole Laurier and the South Shore, which “with the loop of the transit”.

“Hard to follow”

For the leader of the opposition, Jean-François Gosselin, Jean Rousseau is “hard to follow”, especially in the light of the figures disclosed in the survey published Monday in The Journal, and demonstrate a sharp loss of support for the projects of the third link and the tram. “I don’t see how you can advocate for a third link is entirely dedicated to the transit. I do understand just not.” The third link has always been thought to include the public transportation and the automobile, ” he said. “It takes two”, he said.

Mr. Gosselin is still of the opinion, moreover, that it is necessary to requery the proposed third link, and tram, in the context of the current crisis.

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