Jennifer aniston furious Roman’s ex-husband with Emma stone

Дженнифер Энистон в ярости от романа бывшего мужа с Эммой Стоун

Hollywood beauty Jennifer aniston can’t forgive the many infidelity her ex-husband actor Justin Theroux. Now, however, aniston is just furious that Theroux meets up with her close friend Emma stone.

As reported by the American edition of Woman’s Day, Jennifer aniston, calling his ex-wife to Justin Theroux a real traitor, because at the time of marriage, the man cheating on the actress with models, and after the breakup has an affair with Emma stone. The insider claims that aniston barely tolerate the news, because stone was previously her friend.

Close to the aniston claims that the actress fell into a protracted depression after the fact, so the tabloids have published a joint photo of Theroux and stone in the United States and Europe. Moreover, it is reported that the actress spent almost $ 200,000 to improve their appearance, to look better than new sweetheart of the former spouse.


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