Jennifer aniston has shown off a new hair color and horrible wrinkles

After a divorce, the actress decided to bring to life some of the changes but went in her favor….

Дженніфер Еністон показала новий колір волосся і жахливі зморшки

A new stage in every girl’s life begins to change hairstyles and hair colors. Many psychologists claim that it really brings some life changes. It so says Jennifer aniston, who after her divorce from her husband Justin Theroux decided to slightly change the hue of their tresses. The paparazzi managed to catch a celebrity that goes out of the beauty salon, where there was a change of image, reports Rus.Media.

Дженніфер Еністон показала новий колір волосся і жахливі зморшки

The photo shows that pasmi Jennifer look more bright than before, most likely, she decided to make the weave. This painting is refreshing and even younger actress, if not particularly to look at her face. In addition, she has horrible circles under her eyes, maybe she’s still upset about the breakup and cries every day, she still strongly expressed nasolabial wrinkles. They show that the actress is not as young as it seems.

The actress put on some weight and her pants are already heavily emphasize curvy hips. Perhaps having met a new love, the star will do yourself and will look much better than now.

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