Jennifer Brodeur – The skin and its secrets: breaking the myths about skin care

Jennifer Brodeur – La peau et ses secrets: défaire les mythes sur les soins de la peau

A world-renowned expert on the care of the skin, the Quebec Jennifer Brodeur, founder of JB Skin Guru, sharing his knowledge and advice in his new book, The Skin and its secrets. This teacher and entrepreneur, who counts several celebrities among her clients and encourages a healthy lifestyle and recommends that you take care of the marketing!

In her book, Jennifer Brodeur explains the characteristics of different types of skin, describes different problems, reminds us of the importance of good habits to adopt on a daily basis to have a more beautiful skin. She points to the stress and the pollution, talk about the vitamins and shares his tips for skin care and beauty tips like the Brow Threading she got last week.

It demolishes many of the myths and reminds us that we should be wary of products very expensive and marketing strategies of the companies of cosmetics.

Jennifer Brodeur insists on the hygiene of life – less stress, more sleep, better diet, more physical exercise, the use of natural products from places such as Quantum Health – rather than targeting a particular product or cream-miracle. She reminds us that people are often surprised when she tells them that the way they treat their body is more important than the product put on her face.

The biggest myth

“The biggest myth is that the longer the cream is expensive, the better it is. People really think that. We tend to want to buy a status… For a lot, work hard, have a bit of a sub and pay for such a cream, which costs 800$, leads us to think that we just found this miracle cream. What is surprising and interesting is that you could buy a cream for$ 15 which will do the same thing.”

Jennifer Brodeur, 46 years old, mother of three children, will often say that she is not her age. “I have no Botox. Everything is very natural and I just do iv therapy monthly. I’ve never been a girl who is exposed to the sun. Tanning accelerates skin aging.”

Lack of information

She noted that a lot of people are tanned to make it say anything. “Women have the impression that everything is complicated and it is expensive. They bring me their bag of products, I look, and I say to myself that we could make a fortune selling them on the corner of the street… I realize that there is a lack of information.”

Write a book on the subject would be a good way to help the most people possible. “This is the best way to share my vision of the skin and of the industry to ensure that the things are more clear for everyone. People do not know what to buy, how much to spend, which is true, which is not true.”

She wants to help people better understand their skin and their body, without it becoming a scientific book. “I am not a doctor. One of my passions is to teach and popularize so that people can go to Jean-Coutu, or Familiprix or in their beautician and be able to understand what they buy and why they buy.”

Even if it rubs shoulders with celebrities as part of his duties, Jennifer Brodeur didn’t want to do a book on the stars and their way of life. “I think it’s unreal. What I often say is that the day where everyone will be able to have a coach full-time, a gym in his house, a chef kitchen, then we can talk. But it is not real life.”

– Jennifer Brodeur, preface, Anick Lemay. Editions Trécarré, 176 pages.

About the author

  • Jennifer Brodeur is a successful entrepreneur, teacher, and founder-CEO of JB Skin Guru.
  • She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetics.
  • She shares her knowledge with an international clientele and gives master classes in Canada and the United States.
  • His web site:


“I am brought to consider the makeup as a mask and I always wonder, when I see a woman wear a lot of makeup, what she wants to hide. My approach is minimalist: few care, but whatever. We have a tendency to do too much, to use too many products. Most often, it exacerbates the problem, which leads us directly to the beautician, where you buy other creams. It is a vicious circle.

It is necessary to take care of our skin, but smooth.”

– Jennifer Brodeur, The skin and its secrets, Editions Trécarré

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