Jennifer Lawrence explained why she’s afraid to have sex

Дженнифер Лоуренс рассказала, почему она боится заниматься сексом

27-year-old actress admitted that she considers “a member of a very dangerous”

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence talked about her sex life and stated that often talking about sex, than they are engaged. The artist admitted that he is very afraid of germs and sexually transmitted diseases, therefore sleeps only with reliable partners. It is reported by The Sun. “I always say, I want sex, but if you look back in my past, I always slept with their Boyfriends. I say all the time how much I like it, but don’t do it,” said the actress. She noted that suffer from fear of germs and often undergoes a medical examination in the absence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). While she managed to avoid this danger. “I was a germophobe. Member of dangerous, so I always check Boyfriends for sexually transmitted diseases,” said Lawrence.

Actress for a year not in a relationship after breaking up with American film Director Darren Aronofsky, but determined to find a new lover. “I’m not in a relationship. And I haven’t had sex. You know, I’d like to have a relationship with someone. Because hard one,” added Lawrence.

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