Jennifer Lawrence puts on a specially-Dating uncomfortable shoes

Дженнифер Лоуренс специально надевает на свидания неудобные туфли
Jennifer Lawrence was once again spotted with art dealer Cooke Maroney in new York. Oscar-winning actress again picked the wrong shoes for long walks, and her opponent had to carry her on his back.

27-year-old Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence definitely happy with your new boyfriend cook Maroni. Recently the star has ceased to hide his affair and now always appears in public with 33-year-old gallery owner.

On another date in new York couple seem to not notice anyone around. Lovers are constantly smiling and did not release each other from the embrace, and then Jennifer and all jumped on the back of a boyfriend.

Attentive fans noticed that the girl is clearly tired of heels and gallant Maroni showed the audience a modern version of the promise “to carry arms”. He deftly caught laughing Lawrence, and the couple continued on their way. Interestingly, not comfortable shoes for walking Jennifer chooses is not the first time.

Novel Jennifer Lawrence and cook Maroni has begun relatively recently, but is developing rapidly. To the naked eye how much the actress and gallery owner relate to each other. For Lawrence Maroney and it was love at first sight: immediately after meeting they started Dating.


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