Jeremstar: The “vermin” explains Edouard Philippe how to be more popular

Edouard Phillipe and Jeremstar, gathered in a bath ? — Marc Chaumeil / DR

It is definitely on all fronts. After its revelations on prostitution in the middle of the reality tv show, his new position as a columnist in Hi Earthlings ! and
the appearance of Raquel Garrido in his story Snapchat, Jeremstar speaks today… on Edouard Phillipe.

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“Then today, you have to be much more active on the social networks. It must be present on Snapchat on a daily basis and use the filters. But the most effective for him would be to come in to answer my questions in my bathtub. It can keep a T-shirt or even his costume. Buzz guaranteed ! “The Prime minister has not yet responded to this invitation bold, but a Edouard Phillipe in the bath Jeremstar… people only ask to see.

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