Jeremy Renner may star in the reboot of “Spawn” with Jamie Fox

Джереми Реннер может сняться в перезагрузке «Спауна» с Джейми Фоксом

Reboot of “Spawn” with Jamie Fox, which deals with Studio Blumhouse Productions (“Split”, “Off”, “Judgment night”), acquires new details. At the moment talks about filming in this picture leads Jeremy Renner, known for his role as Hawkeye in “the Avengers”.

Renner can get the role of detective Twitch Williams, who teams up with Spawn to hunt down the criminals responsible for the kidnapping and murder of his daughter. The main role in the film will perform with Jamie Fox, will be directed by Todd McFarlane, the Creator of the original “Spawn”. Shooting was to start in early 2018, but repeatedly postponed for unknown reasons. When the actors begin their work, not reported.

It should be noted that comics Spawn out from may 1992 to this day, but now McFarlane has personally over them not working.

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