Jérôme Charlebois : a song and a dictation for the Day of the Earth

Jérôme Charlebois : une chanson et une dictée pour le Jour de la Terre

MONTREAL – The singer Jérôme Charlebois and his wife unite their voices and perform as a duo for a new version of the play “I want the sun”, on the occasion of the Earth Day, which takes place this Wednesday, April 22.

Charlebois and Annie Roy, who is an elementary teacher, have co-written new words to the tune of the band At the p’tit bonheur, whose original music is signed Jamel Laroussi. The torque presents its second reading as a “hymn to the environment,” created especially to celebrate the Earth Day. The song will be also recorded in the studio and will appear on the next album of Jerome Charlebois.

Moreover, Jérôme Charlebois and Annie Roy had pushed further their project by writing a dictation taken from the text of the song. Entitled “Dictation to a tree”, it will be broadcasted on the YouTube platform by Jérôme Charlebois Friday, may 15. The young people who have the potential for the exercise can then pass on their result to the address dicteepourunarbre@hotmail.com. For each dictation received by July 1, 2020, the promoters undertake to plant a tree in a canadian forest.

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