JO-2021: athletes qualified for Tokyo 2020 will remain for the olympic Games 2021

JO-2021: Les sportifs qualifiés pour Tokyo-2020 le restent pour les Jeux olympiques 2021

PARIS | An adaptation, not a revolution: The IOC has continued Thursday in its determination to preserve the acquis in deciding that the athletes already qualified for the olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 would remain for the event to be postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

On a conference call, the leaders of the international olympic Committee and those of the 32 international sports federations involved in the summer Games have indeed stopped this basic principle, even before discussing a date for the rescheduling of the event, which was scheduled to begin on July 24 in the city of japan.

“Thomas Bach (IOC president) has first explained the reasons for the decision of the report, and then said that qualified athletes for Tokyo 2020 would be automatically to 2021 “, reported one of the participants in the AFP.

Approximately 57 % of the approximately 11 000 participants in the olympic Games have already obtained their qualification, according to figures released earlier in the week by the IOC.

“One of the main subjects,” said the same source, ” was to know when and how to organise the qualifications. In some federations, a lot of athletes are not qualified and it takes at least three months before the olympics to organize it. “

Some sports, such as boxing, have seen the vast majority of their qualifiers interrupted or cancelled because of the global health situation, when other, such as sailing, already have a workforce of 90 % qualified.

“The quotas allocated remain allocated,” said another participant at the meeting of Thursday, according to which the primary concern of stakeholders was the reprogramming of the olympic Games.

“Thomas Bach has confirmed that a decision (on this topic) would be taken in the four weeks to come,” he said. “Some have expressed a preference for may 2021, other juins…” a Lot of presidents have also expressed financial concerns, claiming in advance a portion of the amounts allocated traditionally after the games by the IOC to the national federations.

The international olympic Committee and the japanese government agreed on Tuesday to a report of the Tokyo olympic Games because of the health situation, which of the games of the 32nd Olympiad, the first to not argue on the initially scheduled date since the Second world War.

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