Job offers unanswered

Des offres de travail restées sans réponse

Health professionals complain not to have received follow-up of the government after having responded quickly to the call as “urgent” to the prime minister to come and lend a hand in NURSING homes have been severely tested by the crisis.

Chantal Trottier, a neuropsychologist in the Mauricie region, has been hired by the CIUSSS of the region, but that no longer has new management since a week.

“I am from day 1 in march on JeContribue and after the long process, I confirmed my hiring last week. Except that since, I’m waiting to be deployed,” says the professional who says he is open to any task and in any region.

She has described her situation as that of a soldier who would not receive more order. “To make the comparison with the armed forces, I was more than ready to be deployed, except that it lacks the orders of my general”, image-t-it.

“There are plenty of people who are willing to help, but it is difficult to trace back the info in the chain of command. It’s a shame,” adds the neuropsychologist, calling the health-care system that is too heavy.

Ten offers

On his side, a doctor of the Saguenay had the impression to accomplish the 12 labors of Asterix before someone in the network does not respond to his offer of service.

CISSS Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, JeContribue, public Health, of three different regions, CIUSSS Montreal-North, forms the FMOQ, Jewish Hospital of Montreal, Hôpital de Gatineau, and even a colleague in New York, Sylvain Simard has knocked at many doors before we meet.

“I am a former emergency physician, I have done the anesthesia, I dare to believe that they could have need of me in there,” says the doctor. “It shows, like many other stories, the structure is very heavy”.

It is ultimately the CISSS Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, who was contacted for it to go give it a thumbs up in a CHSLD… more than a month after you have served his interest. It thus helps to wash and feed the patient until we had need of his services for tasks within his expertise.

“It doesn’t bother me to take the risk by going there. You don’t become a firefighter if you’re afraid of fire. And I’m such a good soldier, if you need me to do that, I’ll go,” says Dr. Simard.

A volunteer with no response

A woman of Montreal currently off work due to special family circumstances, has offered to go help volunteer two days per week in a CHSLD. She knocked at the closed doors in two institutions in addition to not to have had any return of the platform JeContribue.

“I can’t the week saw my family situation temporary, but I can help on Saturday and Sunday. I have 10 years of experience, I am ready to do 16 hours of volunteer and we don’t remember? It is devastating,” laments Camille, who asks to preserve his family name to avoid trouble with his employer as usual. “I feel like a lion in a cage, which only wants to help.”

Each day, when she hears the horror stories that multiplies, Camille feels anger, as well as many other workers of the health network.

“It may be believed, but it’s beyond me that are allowed to gouge people who were dying during that a lot of people are willing to go to help. I don’t understand”, rage-t-it.

Needs are being met?

In spite of these many offers of services that remained unanswered, the prime minister François Legault said during his press briefing Tuesday that the need for NURSING homes were in the process of being addressed. The situation should normalize by Wednesday evening, according to his statements.

“We managed, just yesterday [Monday], to fill 1000 of the 2000 positions. Then one has confidence that by tomorrow [Wednesday], with all those who have made us sign, we should be able to fill the 1,000 positions that remain to be addressed in the 2600 residences”, said the prime minister, stating that the situation could improve in the next two weeks.

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