Joe Biden and the allegations of sexual assault

Joe Biden et les allégations d’agression sexuelle

Since a few weeks already, the chroniclers of some publications, and some of the readers of this blog are wondering if Joe Biden does not enjoy a preferential treatment in the coverage of the allegations of sexual assault that weighs on him.

With reason, complained of the statements of Donald Trump and the many accusations in his place have got wide coverage in the media. This was also the case for Bill Clinton. To the extent that such coverage can sometimes be disproportionate, it is deserved.

I also understand the questioning of those who are surprised of the fact that Biden seems to enjoy a privilege. Encourages’t we all women to express themselves? Biden himself has he not given his support to the movement #MeToo? Has he not also said that you should believe all the women?

The first mentions of gestures of the hand of the democratic candidate have been associated with his familiar style. Biden is known for his handshake strong, his habit of touching people and his generous hugs. He reproduced her gestures repeatedly with women, but with men also. Whether we believe or not in its justifications, I believe that his history in the matter explained that there is at least a reasonable doubt about the nature of his behavior.

If several have passed in the towel on this mania to enter in the bubble of people without asking permission in advance, which accuses a former employee justifies an examination even more thorough.

Tara Reade, who worked for Biden when he was senator in the early 1990s, claims that his former boss would have assaulted up to caress her genitals with his fingers. It also mentions having reported the incident and that it was for this reason that she would have lost her job.

As is too often the case for files of this nature, the alleged facts date back to a period far away and the entourage of Biden denies having been informed in any way by Ms. Reade. In the absence of evidence, who should we believe? At the age of #MeToo, one would have expected that the testimony of Ms. Reade circulate more widely and that the media are interested in it even more.

The story of Mrs. Reade seems to be getting a new breath of life this week. I denotes a growing interest and there are more articles on the subject. Not only must we demonstrate that Joe Biden does not enjoy a preferential treatment, but it insists that it is enriching its version of the facts.

The campaign of former vice-president, therefore, must cope with the demands of the journalists and we re also former opponents of the nomination as Bernie Sanders or even women who are considered to become the colistière.

One feels in the answers of all this beautiful world that we walk on eggs. If the Sanders, Klobuchar or Whitmer insist on the fact that all women need to be listened to, they invite all of you to the utmost caution, noting each time that it is a personal question.

In the light of the information above, can I conclude that Joe Biden enjoys a preferential treatment from the media? Less obvious than it seems to decide. If there seems to be less eagerness to the place of Biden, that in the place of Trump, or Clinton, I think this is because of the reputation of the men involved.

Trump and Clinton have regularly made the headlines for stories of infidelity or improper conduct. Beyond the proven facts, the newspapers, gossip have never failed to have equipment to relay stories that still circulate in 2020. Until the recent allegations of Tara Reade, one could deplore the side too “warm” of Biden, but his reputation as a man of integrity has never been questioned.

If I want to you have to study the file of Tara Reade with attention to detail, I also believe that the democratic Party handles this delicate situation. One can play the vigilantes steadfast when the charges relate to Donald Trump and does not require on the part of Biden an accountability to complete.

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