Joe Biden between plagiarism and lies

Joe Biden entre plagiat et mensonges

Still a little more than five months before the vote on the 3 November, but already, for some time, the blows rained down. If Donald Trump gets a lot, even confined to his basement, Joe Biden can’t escape a few salvos of his opponents.

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The presidential campaign will be harder than ever. Already, the past few days, supporters of the two camps operate in the context of the health crisis to start throwing accusations of electoral fraud. As each of the States has the responsibility of organising the vote on his territory, the potential for conflict real or perceived is huge.

Even if the COVID-19 takes a lot of place, it also finds that personal attacks will not miss. The democrats would probably prefer that we consider this election as a referendum on the performance and the person of Donald Trump, but an article by Liz Peek published on The Hill this morning indicates that we will not grant a “pass” free, democratic candidate.

Ms. Peek has long worked as an analyst on Wall Street, and she comments regularly in the news in the world of finance. It typically occurs on platforms that are more conservative. Usually favorable to the republicans and the president Trump, she recalls today the troubled past of Joe Biden. We already know the reputation of the blundering of the democratic party, but some of his statements of the past are actually the lie.

Rest assured that you will remind Biden his “small oversights” or “recoveries” of the work of others. The democrats do not starve himself not to attack the reputation of the candidate Trump, but all the shots will also be permitted at the place of the former vice-president. And the material does not lack.

Several of the examples presented by Peek this morning are well known and documented. I remember a few. Joe Biden has regularly exaggerated its successes in the academic or claimed a family heritage that was not hers. When he has not outright lied, he has distorted or embellished the facts.

You may recall that the Washington Post has already demonstrated that Biden had also invented an encounter with an officer in Afghanistan. An incident involving a hero decorated. The meeting never took place, not more than this arrest in the 1970s because he wanted to meet Nelson Mandela in prison.

To fabrications and “holes in memory” of the democratic candidate, it is necessary to add a few charges of plagiarism. Plagiarism during his university studies and, especially, plagiarism of a speech during his first attempt during the democratic primary of 1987-1988.

The friends and supporters of the democratic candidate will attribute the wrong of Biden to his confusion legendary and will highlight her charming personality. If this strategy can reassure a certain number of voters, it should not be forgotten that this election, like many others, will turn eventually to the “mud wrestling”, to fight in the mud.

Donald Trump is the champion all categories of the fight in the mud. He stops at nothing and does not retain any blow. Eighteen republican adversaries have failed to destabilize it, no matter the strategy employed. Hillary Clinton must still have nightmares. The safest way, to Joe Biden, remains the discretion. As long as the spotlight is trained on the president, he does not need to do too much or be constantly on the attack.

Joe Biden should avoid playing on the land of Donald Trump and resist the temptation to respond blow for blow. If he wants to maintain his chances of win – they are good, according to the latest polls, he must be cautious, and capitalize on the announcement of the identity of its colistière. Limited to web-based solutions since the beginning of the epidemic, it is less tempted to improvise. Maintaining this discipline is crucial, we control the message and limit the mistakes.

The link to the article by Liz Peek is here.

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