Joe Biden in advance, but a bit stuck

Joe Biden en avance, mais un peu coincé

We already know that the campaign for 2020, there is no equivalent in the history. The Spanish flu of 1918 had hit before the election of 1920. Isolated in a studio improvised in his personal residence, Joe Biden is trying to stand out.

There is no game plan-proven in similar circumstances, but the most recent projections may give comfort to the democratic candidate. Not only dominates in the polls, but some analysis of the electoral map point in the direction of a majority in the electoral college. No, victory is not assured, but the chances of the former vice-president are better than ever.

The president Trump has a distinct advantage until the vote in November: he has a daily media coverage and it is reported his words to the a continually. It may also take decisions rather than to suggest, as is the case for Biden. Of course, this is a two-edged sword. Since the beginning of the crisis, the president raises more controversy, and continues to divide.

If the experts have it right in their predictions, the situation will continue to deteriorate for even a moment. The world health Organization argued this morning that the United States was on the verge of becoming the epicenter of the COVID-19. At the time of writing these lines, the president spoke first about reviving the economy and to disregard the advice of public health experts. A strategy is especially bold and very risky. The price to pay could be exorbitant.

If Joe Biden is rather limited in its actions and can only operate on the field his style is very human and warm, it may not be necessary to do more than what it is currently. Maybe is it sufficient for him, as suggested by Alex Wagner in The Atlantic, simply to stay alive.

At the most recent votes of the primary, Biden has demonstrated a crushing superiority in the face of Bernie Sanders (yes, he will) and its supports are strong in groups of the population whose vote will be essential in 2020. These people will not change of idea by the election and, as I have said several times, it remains nothing more than a handful of undecided.

If he must for the moment be limited to broadcast speeches from his makeshift studio, Joe Biden can still score points. He demonstrates his extensive experience and that of the people around him. Her attacks are targeted and he is careful in the way they are presented. There is a fine balance between the game partisan, and this could be seen as a lack of patriotism in times of crisis.

The former vice president could also take advantage of the current situation by developing their own system of “distance learning”. Why don’t you save, like the teachers of Quebec are invited to do so since yesterday, short capsules that would effectively its program and its management style? His team has a few million and the mounting possibilities are endless when you have such means!

A significant advantage, read the speech limit the mistakes! Since always, Uncle Joe stumbles regularly when he improvises, and is too spontaneous. Considering its age, the confinement to the home also allows him to preserve his energy. Refreshed and ready to go, it is more concentrated. This forced rest could be beneficial in his preparation for the final sprint.

For the moment, Joe Biden is a leader, but the situation is particularly volatile, and no one could predict what awaits Us in the coming weeks and months. A colossal challenge for the two candidates and their strategists, because the points of reference are almost non-existent. Stay tuned!

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