Joe Biden should he enjoy the support of Hillary?

Joe Biden doit-il se réjouir de l’appui de Hillary?

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton supported officially Joe Biden for president 2020. If it was sometimes advanced, that she had desires for new nomination this year, there was no doubt that it would be joining the camp of former vice-president.

The announcement of the former First Lady once again demonstrates that the democrats stick together and they have for once a united front. In addition to the confirmation of this unity, the support of Hillary does it actually give it to Joe Biden?

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It is permissible to doubt it. Biden and Clinton both represent the establishment of the party, and there are very few major differences in their platforms. Hillary does it in its wake of voters who had not already decided to support the democratic candidate? I don’t think so.

If there is a spin-off potential to consider, it lies in the timing of the announcement. Hillary Clinton is still popular with a good portion of the electorate is female, and gives his support at a time when allegations of sexual assault in the place of Biden get a second wind. By joining the former vice-president, it allows him to make new and relegating to the background, if only very briefly, the accusations of Tara Reade.

Beyond the few thoughts that I shared earlier, yesterday’s announcement does not therefore constitute a new major. Biden needs all the support he can garner, but it could be that of Hillary.

If he wants to see the couple Obama campaign, and if the contributions of its main rivals in the nomination race are appreciated, it can even be argued that Biden would like to see Hillary to be inconspicuous in the coming months. The reminder of his failure is painful for everyone, and we already learned of its surprise defeat. Rest assured that Biden will not neglect the Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin.

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